first love

id been in love before, but not like this...liam payne really is my first love


2. chemical night

I walked through the front door to our house and my mom grabbed me by the arm yanking me into the bathroom. I begged her not to do this but she didn't listen, she locked me in the room  with  the bathtub full of chemicals and threw me in and cuffing me so i cant escape, the chemicals filled my lungs and I couldn't breathe, my skin was burning; I told myself this was the end and closed my eyes slowly falling into a deep sleep. The next time I wake up i'm in the hospital 

"Hello Kyla i'm doctor Ayron, how are you feeling?"

"fine but,whats going on?"

"your mother tried to poison you, luckily the landlord found you when he was coming to collect the rent"the doctor replied

"whats going on? when can I go home?"

"your not going home,well not to your home, you will be taken into foster care"; I'm not going home... finally! a chance to have a normal life.When the hospital released me I was driven to the airport because I will be going to London,they told me that they already made arrangements for where I will be staying. Tomorrow i'll have a real life

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