Beauty queen

This story is about a girl that was a nerd and got made fun of alot and so one day she woke up looking beautiful and this one guy name Zayn asked her out and she said yes


2. Night or the concert



                                      Sarah POV

                        So the night of the concert people saw us backstage and told everyone to look at us and they all screamed and became mad at us forever so we stopped going to a one direction concert for they wont be mad at us anymore. So there not mad at us anymore they thought we broke up but we didn't break up so we kissed each other.Than they graduated high school and got married to there boyfriends. than had kids and then they found out that there all are wizards and passed there powers down to there kids and there kids does bad stuff with the powers. Then he family wizard competion came up and Alex won the competion. She got grounded alot for using magic to put a door to Italy. So her brother Max went out there to find a girl to get her number then Niall and her mom went to find Max for Alex can make the door disappear. So she forgot the spell to make the door disappear so she got mad at her dad so she flashed out of there. 

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