Beauty queen

This story is about a girl that was a nerd and got made fun of alot and so one day she woke up looking beautiful and this one guy name Zayn asked her out and she said yes


3. Chapter 3




                                        Sarah POV

                    Than a guy name Dominick came to check on Alex.Then Mason her boyfriend came up there and got jealous of him. So than Dominick tricked her for casting out her bad side so now she got good. So her friend Harper got happy because Alex got good and was gonna go somewhere with Harper than a mirror broke than the bad Alex went through the door to Italy and the good Alex went in there too.Than the bad Alex is gonna take over the world with Dominick. So they took her Family to make the good Alex came and Did the spell so the good Alex said 1 wave 2 wave 3 wave 4 no mortal be no more. So than it made the machine work and it captured mortals in little beads. Then Alex was gonna stop the spell but she got flashed out before she could do the spell. Than Mason broke out and helped Alex break out and saved her Than Mason pushed Dominick off of the cliff and so the bad Alex is gonna take over the world so the good Alex was draining her powers forever to put the bad back in he. Then she went to a place than she got one more chance.

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