The life of one's mother

this is a poem about probably all mothers around the world.


1. The life of one's mother

They stay up during the night,

When you have a fright,

And if your seen to cry,

They'll never leave your side,


For they are your mother,

There is no other.

Whether your happy or sad,

Or maybe feeling mad


They'll forgive your mistakes,

And give you a small shake,

They'll look into your eyes,

Take a deep sigh,

And give you that kiss,

That you forever miss.


You need to remember that

Not all hero's wear capes,

Those who are the best,

Deserve to wear the crest,


The crest is what's given,

To those who are driven,

Driven to be the best,

That no other can test


For when they look into your eyes,

They can see that awful sign.

The sign that tells them that you feel weak,

She will keep looking and finally seek


Seek what is hurting and paining you inside,

She will then fight it,

It'll all be alright.


They offer something that is valuable and free,

It's called love- don't you see?


The love that heals their children when in pain,

All mothers deserve to have their moment of fame,

They deserve it more than all

As they're the ones who never fall.


They're the ones who stand up high,

Even when they want to cry.


Mothers will forever be the best,

Their children will always be in their nest,

They'll be protected and comforted

Until it is time,

For your mother to leave and say goodbye.

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