Stand By You

Chloe loves Austin...and he's always gonna be there for her....but what happens when his fans get out of hand? will she leave him even though she loves him?


4. You Hurt Her.

* 2 months later, end of tour * Austin I walked up to Chloe’s door, smiling to myself. She had gone back from tour last month, and I missed her a lot. I knocked and Alex came to the door. Why was he here? “Hey bro, where is she?” I asked. “Austin…she’s not here.” Alex said. “What do you mean she’s not here?!” I yelled. “Chloe’s in the hospital.” Alex said sadly. “Why?!” I said. “She was walking around the neighborhood yesterday, and a drunk driver hit her.” Alex said. I looked at the calendar on the wall, and saw that it was April first. “Alex nice April fool’s joke.” I said sarcastically. “AUSTIN! Its one o’clock in the afternoon, exactly an hour past the time when jokes aren’t allowed!!!!!! Plus I don’t think I’d be joking about a girl that is like my sister being in the hospital, especially when I was right beside her!!!!!” Alex yelled with tears in his eyes. I picked my phone up and called her. No answer. I called her mom, no answer. Same with her dad, and younger sister. “What hospital?” I whispered. “Memorial Herman.” Alex said. I nodded and we walked to my car and drove there. I ran in, avoiding all the fans. “Mr. Mahone, what do you need?” The front desk lady said. “Um, we need to go to Chloe Jenner’s room.” Alex said. “That’d be room 143.” She said. I ran there and knocked. “Come in.” I heard. It wasn’t Chloe who said it. I walked in and saw her ex, Dave there. “Dave what the heck are you doing here?” I growled. “I was the one who hit her with the car. I wasn’t drunk.” Dave said. I grabbed his collar and shoved him against the wall painfully. “You hurt her?! You hurt the one person I love most! I don’t care what your motives were, but you never do that again, to any other girl.” I said, right before kneeing him in the balls hard. He fell to the ground and I could tell her was in agony. A nurse walked in. “What seems to be the trouble?” She asked. “Oh he just walked into the doorknob with his balls.” I said, flashing a fake smile. She helped him into a wheelchair and took him away. Just then, Chloe opened her eyes. “Babe?” I asked. “A-Austin why are you here?” She said. “I’m here because I love you baby.” I said, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear gently, kissing her forehead. She stiffened under my touch. “Babygirl what’s wrong?” I asked. “Alex said you cheated.” “I never said that sweetie, who told you that?” Alex cut in. I never had cheated though so who told her that? “Well I was in the room and I heard some nurses talking about how Austin was cheating on me. They said they heard it on TMZ.” Chloe said. “Babe that’s how you know it’s a lie, I mean they made up that lie about Justin.” I said. It was really a lie, a big horrible lie. “Austy promise me you didn’t cheat.” Chloe said. “Baby I have never and will never cheat on, or leave you.” I said, soothing her. She nodded and buried her head in my jacket so no one could see her blush. “Babe you look cute when you blush.” I said. “I don’t wanna look cute though.” Chloe said. “What do you wanna look like then babe?” I asked. “I wanna look like Sarah.” Chloe said. “Babe you look perfect the way you are.” I said. “But…” Chloe said. “No buts.” I said. She sighed and nodded. I laughed. “So when do you wanna go home sis?” Alex asked after an awkward pause. “Never this bed is memory foam and is comfortable so good luck getting me out.” Chloe said seriously. TBC
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