Stand By You

Chloe loves Austin...and he's always gonna be there for her....but what happens when his fans get out of hand? will she leave him even though she loves him?


1. Concert


“THANK YOU HOUSTON!” I yelled into the microphone. I looked down quickly and saw my best friend, Shawty, my everything being cornered by fans. I ran offstage and got security on it. She ran into my arms and I held her. “Shh baby shh.” I said. She was crying and I saw bruises on her arms. “Baby say something…anything.” I said. She pulled away and looked into my eyes, and opened her mouth, trying to speak. Nothing came out. “Chloe?” I asked. She tried speaking again, and again nothing came out. “Shh come here, it’ll be better in the morning.” I said, pulling her close. She nodded and then Alex walked up. “Hey sis, hey Austin.” Alex said. “Hey bro…” I whispered. Chloe just looked terrified. “Bro what’s with her?! Did you hurt her!!” Alex yelled, making her tremble. Alex wasn’t really her brother, he was her best friend, but she had no older brother so he filled in for it. “No…I don’t know….she was trying to talk and she couldn’t.” I said. “HAHAHAHA wow you guys fell for that pretty hard.” Chloe said. I looked down at her. “Not funny babe.” I said. “Oh I thought it was hilarious babe.” Chloe said. Little did I know that that would be the last time I would hear her happy for well…a while. “Well it wasn’t.” I said. “To me it was.” Chloe said with a cute smile. “Well to me it wasn’t.” I said. “You’re both hilarious, but we have a plane to catch tomorrow and need to drive to the next city with an airport so can it both of you.” Alex said. “Gosh someone’s being mean tonight.” I said. “Someone was kept up until 4 am playing Black Ops.” Alex said. “Its your fault you didn’t decide that you lost the first round.” Chloe said. “Its your fault your actually good at that game.” Alex said. “I take that as a compliment.” Chloe said. “You shouldn’t!” Alex yelled after her.




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