Dally's Storie

This story is about a girl who gets adopted by one direction. follow her as she lives out her life with one direction


2. Getting ready

"Dally" Liam called. "yes daddy?" "are you done packing for are tour yet?" he asks. "yes i put my stuff by the door" "ok thank you" he replys. "hey princess" louis says walking in the room. "hi dad" "come on its time to go" louis said. "yay" i scream running out the door and on to the tour bus where Harry, Zayn, and Niall are already waiting for us. "DADA" i scream jumping in to Harrys lap. "hey princess you ready to go?" he asks "yes dada" Louis and Liam finish putting are things on the bus and we leave. Its around midnight so im really tired. "Dada?" "Yes sweetie?" harry asks. "i tired" "come on lets go to bed" harry replys picking me up and carrying me to my bunk and tucking me in. "sing dada" "ok" he replys. "shut the door turn the light off i wanna be with you i wanna feel your love i wanna lay beside you i cannot hide this even though i try." he sings and before he can continue i was asleep.

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