The day I met him

George Shelley! FROM UNION J! Yes I know, he's gorgeous and soo talented.
Has Chloe found her true love in Starbucks?
Will Chloe and George make it work, or will fame come in between them?
They have 'challenges' however they make memories to remember in their time. If you read this you can see what happens. If you don't read this your missing out on a great, interesting, and entertaining story here.
Please, please read, like and comment.
Thank you. Much appreciated.


1. When I caught site

"George?! Yeah, it's you, George...from Union J. Oh my my days I am thee biggest JCat ever! I love you so much. You and the others are my world." I said astonished, as tears poured down my face. I just couldn't catch my breath. 

I probably did make a fool out of my self, but who cares. Not me. For goodness sake, it's GEORGE. The first time i have ever come into Starbucks for a coffee, and look what happens.

"Hey, hey, hey, calm down abit. Would you like a drink?" George said, as he laughed at me. I bet he thought I was bonkers. "N-no thank you. Hey, lets start again. My name is Chloe. Nice to meet you." I laughed. " Hmm, nice name. So how old are you then Chloe?" He asked, curiously. "18." So, this was going so well. It couldn't be any better. The conversation was flowing and we just stared into one anothers eyes. Georges eyes were a never ending paradise. His hazel colured eyes possessed me with beauty. They were beautiful. "Here, take my number." i said. Ok, yes, i blushed a little. "Yes, it would be nice to get to know each other more. I'm just going to have to get back to the studio. The boys will be wondering were I am. I'll call you." We huged, and he winked at me as he walked away. Inside, really all I was doing was jumping riot. I could run around Starbucks going crazy. I just had a hype inside my body which I couldn't stop. 

All I could think about was 'George' I mean it's not like he will call me or anything. Goodness, why would he call someone like me? Naah, he wont call me. Them messages were just jogging through my mind as I sat there staring into space in my own world. I kept checking my phone. 30 minutes had pasted now since George had left to go to the studio. 

Then that's when I got a call coming through from an unkown number, which I had never seen before. Is this George? 

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