The day I met him

George Shelley! FROM UNION J! Yes I know, he's gorgeous and soo talented.
Has Chloe found her true love in Starbucks?
Will Chloe and George make it work, or will fame come in between them?
They have 'challenges' however they make memories to remember in their time. If you read this you can see what happens. If you don't read this your missing out on a great, interesting, and entertaining story here.
Please, please read, like and comment.
Thank you. Much appreciated.


2. Our first date

"George!" I said, as I gasped for air. I just could not believe he had called me. "Yeahhhhh, hey." He said. Oh my days, his voice is so sexy. "How about with meet up again. Maybe, Nandos? Your choice. What do you think?" George said sweetly. "Yes, I think that would be great. Sooo, is this a date?" I said with excitement. "Yes, I suppose so. See you at 6 then. Yes?" George said. "Yes. See you at Nandos lovely." I said with a hidden smile on my face. It was about half three now. I ran to my bedroom, went into the onsweet, stripped my casual clothes off and jumped in the roasting hot, relaxing shower. I could of stood there for hours but no time for messing around. I washed my hair, had a wash and then shaved my legs. I put some miosturiser on my body. As a result my skin looked silky and smooth. As I was drying my hair in front of the mirror, I saw a huge SPOT on my chin. "noooooo!" I groaned. This is all I needed. I was looking in the mirror straightening my hair and there that massive spot were, staring at me. It was doing my head in. "Grrrr, don't you realise. I have a date with George Shelley tonight. Go away!" I said. But then I thought, 'no Chloe stop talking to yourself.' I laughed. My hair was done, curled and all I had to do now was my make up, pick a dress out, pick some shoes, brush my teeth...and try and do something with this silly spot on my chin. No joke, it's massive. I picked out a long black slim fitted dress which just came below my knees, it was gorgeous and perfect for a date. The sleeves came down to my elbows with a little ruffle where the shoulders are. The shoes I had picked out were a really dark maroon colour with 6inch heels on them. I could barely walk in them, but oh well they was very nice and went well with the dress. Therefore, I didn't care. I just wanted to look nice and make a good impression. I put the dress on and it looked fine, I placed the shoes next to the door way and I made my way back to my dressing table. 

I put some cream over the spot and did my make up. "done." I said as I was putting the last touches of blusher on. I looked at the time. 5:35. I called a taxi in a hurry. The taxi man said he will be arriving in twenty minutes. I text George. 'Hey, I just called a taxi he will be here in twenty minutes, see you there. xxxxx' Twenty minutes had flew by. I heard a beep outside. I took a peep through the curtains. It was the taxi. I picked my clutch bag up, "Keys, purse, phone." I said, checking to make sure I had everything. I hurried across the room and put my shoes on. Quickly i opened the door and locked it on my way out. "Hiya, yep, Nandos please." I got out the cap. There George were standing there at the entrance with his hands in his pockets. He looked absolutely sunning. He had a big smile on his face which made me smile. 'Hey' you alright babe?' he asked me. 'hi. yes im fine thankyou." I said with a big cheesy smile. I know. embarrassing

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