Askuka's mother died in a tragic fire years ago. Now she is all alone with her abusive dad. What will happen when someone starts to follow and torment Asuka with her mom's past secrets?


1. Prologue

A/N: Hi! Please excuse any spelling errors. I was writing this on a school computer. The school computers don't have spell check. XD Anyways, if you want you can point them out to me in the comments! :) Thanks. BYE!


Asuka sat in the cemetery. It was just after midnight. She had snuck out to visit her mother. Asuka's dark black hair was tied back in a messy ponytail, making her blue eyes visible for once. Asuka's shirt hung loes. It was originally her mothers. Asuka snuck it out before her dad had woken up to see her in his room

Asuka's mother died in a tragic fire about 5 years ago when she was only 10. The police said it was just a house fire but she knew it was more then that. Her mother was never a careless person. She always was very observant with everything. When the police told Asuka that her mother left the stove on she refused to believe it was true. Asuka knew someone had killed her mother. Asuka's dad started to drink. That led to her getting abused. Asuka never told anyone. She was too afraid.

Asuka's eyes had light tears. She caressed the stone that read Dawn Melina Alexis. Asuka wiped her eyes and sat on the ground.

"I miss you mom..." Asuka whispered to the stone.

Asuka heard a branch behind her crunch. She got up and looked around only seeing the fog that was just setting in. Asuka didn't dare say a word.

Another crunch. It was coming from behind a large oak tree. She threatened to get closer. Asuka peered her head around the tree and saw nothing but emptiness. She walked closer. Asuka looked around seeing nothing and no one. She shook her head and smiled at herself for being so childishly afraid.

Asuka went back to her mother's grave. She saw a white sheet of paper over the name. It was taped on. Asuka peeled it off. She looked at it confused. She turned it over.


The words made her whole body go numb.

Asuka looked at her mom's grave once more with a small, shaky breath. "Mom... What's going on?" She asked the silent grave.

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