My Bully.

Aiden Thomason was a normal girl. Except she was a little more smarter then most. That's why Jackson Smith always picked on her. From the beginning, he treated her horribly.
She doesn't fight back for a reason.
Aiden likes her bully.
That's the problem.


1. Chapter 1.

''The wind rustled the leaves and I flipped the page of my book. No one was around and it was very quiet. Where I lived, there wasn't very much activity. More so like none. Nobody talked.. nobody.'' I read aloud. The teacher signaled me to continue. I cleared my throat and started again. ''Nobody walked, nobody talked, nobody. Nobody did anything. It was like I was all alone, and I flipped the next page like before. That is all I have ever done.'' I finished. The class remained silent except for my teacher clapping. ''Very good, Aiden. I was very impressed.'' She smiled. I did a short one and walked towards my seat, and sat. The guy I like the most in front of me leaned over, ''Very good, Aiden.'' Jackson mimicked. I rolled my eyes and turned the other way. 

I twiddled my fingers while I waited for the bell to ring. Soon enough the bell dismissed us and I started towards my locker. My long brunette hair kept falling in my face as I put away my books. A tall thin body hid my light and I was soon smashed up against the wall. ''Hello freak.'' He sneered, his breath on my face. I closed my eyes, trying not to look at him. ''I said hello, bitch. Answer me.'' He growled. I whimpered. He chuckled at the sight of my pain and held my wrists back. ''Guess what I have as a surprise for you?'' I tried so desperately to keep my eyes shut but I couldn't. I opened them all at once and that was when the air left me. 


Ok so this is my very first story on here. This is just a little piece to show you what Aiden my character goes through with the love of her life aka her bully. Feedback is appreciated but not expected. Please follow me on quotev! I have stories there too! Thank you c: 



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