The Disease

"The Disease has struck. Every Adult, Banker, Actor even Cops are all sick. They don't know who they are, where they came from or even how to speak. They don't wash, brush or drive they are 100% mindless monsters. But somehow, 1 way or another their skin have sorta 'fell off," their clothes are translucent & they can fly. We call them *specters*.


1. Safe-Haven

" Carlisle we better get outta here! These Specters are advancing!"

This was true of course, Andy always was. Not the best fighter, but could hack into anything, from a public computer to NASA. Short & Slim and his only weapon is a hand carved bow & arrow, good thing his parents made him go too camp before all this mayhem.

 Next up we have rock-hard Riley. The main puncher out of us all. Massive beefy lad with his hand crane as a weapon. He has almost shaved curly black hair & almost brown skin & always wears his sleeveless shirt. Him & my 2nd in command, Shelly, are seeing who can get the most kills in a month.

 Heh, wish this messed up excuse for a world was just a game.

Then we have my fantastic 2nd in command Shelly. No weapons but she has DEFINITELY earned her rightful place as my right hand. A black-belt kung-fu artist seems too scare those filthy b*****ds right back to hell. Blond & slim and TOTALLY gorgeous, don't tell her I said that.

Finally we have me, the leader, I don't know exactly how I became the leader but everyone listens to me & I get worried, they get worried, if I fight, they fight, you get the gist. My weapon is a nice broad short-sword with an ancient texture etched into it and is encrusted with sparkling germs.

" Earth to Carlisle! We can't  fend them off forever! These creeps are flying circles around us! DO SOMETHING!" Riley of course, no patience.

"This way!" I yelled.

Andy was caught up in a massive circle of Specters, throwing whatever filth they could at him. He found a gap & Leaped through, only too be pulled in moments later by an ice cold skeletal hand. They bit him, they bit him,  right on the hand. Shelly back flipped over a couple of dead bodies and kicked them in what seemed like a slow motion twirl & landed elegantly in the middle of the madness.

"Run!" she blurted at Andy.

Just when those dim-witted specters noticed what had happened they charged at Shelly, no floated at her. She quickly headbutted one in the head & then flipped out & sprinted towards us.

"Quickly this way!" I yelled.

I actually didn't know where I was going & I could see a huge storm heading our way so I had too find something for protetion.

"EAAAYAAAAGH!" A specter yelled, Probably because it didn't have a meal for tonight, Serves them right.

Then I saw it, a big, circle like grid with a ladder.

"There! Go down there!" I yelled.

"Are you crazy?!" Riley bellowed "We have too finnish them off!"

"Look its our only hope of survival are you coming or not?"

Riley sighs "Ok..."

"Finally," Shelly said "A safe-haven."

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