The Disease

"The Disease has struck. Every Adult, Banker, Actor even Cops are all sick. They don't know who they are, where they came from or even how to speak. They don't wash, brush or drive they are 100% mindless monsters. But somehow, 1 way or another their skin have sorta 'fell off," their clothes are translucent & they can fly. We call them *specters*.


3. Operation Mega Escape-4

"Ok here's what we're going to do," Shelly began. "We're going to do set a distraction for those dim-witted Specters & then we're going to dash for our lives. Andy, you're going to make some sort of robotic mouse or something and throw it out towards that ladder there. Make sure it clangs against the ladder," She pointed at the ladder on the screen. "Then Riley is going to pounce out & SILENTLY take them out, you think you can do that tough guy?" 

" Yeah, it'll be tough but I can." Riley replied, mockingly.

"Ok then when it's all clear you bash against that ladder with your hand-crane. I call it Operation Mega Escape-4 from this funny youtube channel me & my baby brother  used to watch called Eddsworld, but he's dead now." She clenches back a tear. "Now then you all got that?"

Riley chuckles "Wow boss I can't believe you didn't come up with that."

"Shut up Riley & never call me *boss* again." 

"Right then, Andy get that mouse ready, Shelly get everything you need. Me & Riley will monitor your progress." I say.

Making a mechanical mouse was harder than Andy thought. For starters he needed to make all his tools from loose bits of metal he found scattered throughout the shaft & he'd never even attempted to make one before. He started off with a wireless circuit for the mouse & controller first. The wires were all attached & set in place in less that an hour, which he was rather impressed with. Now for the hard bit, the mouse. He had to weld every piece of metal together & had to curve the boiling metal as well. He finally finished after what seemed like hours & you would've thought he was wearing gloves with all the burn marks on his hands.

Shelly wasn't having much luck either. Despite her kung-fu skills she knew that if Riley didn't succeed she would need some weapons to fight with. Maybe two knives or something with slight more range could be the difference between life & death, but the only thing she could find was a wooden board and a pin sellotaped onto a piece of styrofome. Wait one minute sellotaped  that means someone was here before! Someone got out!

"Carlisle! You gotta see this!" She echoed.

I quickly sped over to her, tripping over an empty box of Cheerios.

"Look someones been here before us!" She showed me the pin sellotaped to syrofome. "Somehow they got out as well! Maybe a secret passage or something! And maybe that's how the forcefield got there!"

"Hmm, that does make sense.." I replied. " Shelly, you go with Riley & I'll go with Andy. Meet back here in half an hour & report any more signs of recent life or that exit. If not then we'll go with your risky but brilliant plan."

" Ok, lets do it." 




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