The Disease

"The Disease has struck. Every Adult, Banker, Actor even Cops are all sick. They don't know who they are, where they came from or even how to speak. They don't wash, brush or drive they are 100% mindless monsters. But somehow, 1 way or another their skin have sorta 'fell off," their clothes are translucent & they can fly. We call them *specters*.


2. Big Mistake

The place was huge, not bright or tidy, but huge. It looked like an abandoned mine shaft but it was really impossible too tell in the bleak darkness of the shaft. However, the good news was that the Specters couldn't get down. For some reason the Specters where getting trapped by some sort of invisible force-field that jerked them back. Despite that they didn't give up with the banging & those deafening shrieks.

"Jesus Christ those things are pretty determined, aye?" Said Riley, drunken on beer.          

"You tellin' me, those f******' ass-holes don't know when to give up." Shelly replied.

"Ahaha" I replied, just entering. "How long has that racket been on?"

"Two hours, maybe three."

"Good god they've never been that determined as far as we know, you think it's the seasons?"

"Yeh," Andy interrupted "Although I am concerned, I threw down a camera up their before we came down. You might wanna check this out."

On the screen there was a video of them hurling a huge log at the forcefield without success, but their seemed to be a Specter telling them too.

"See? They aren't suppose to be like that, they are never this organised. Do you see what's happening? They're growing, they're becoming more professional, & according to my research they will be ready for a fully fledged attack by... by next month." Andy said with a choke in his voice.

"But we'll be safe here right? I mean with that force-field?" Riley asked.

"I'm afraid not, that old doo-dad will be broken by next week."

"Next week!" Riley & Shelly yelled in perfect harmony.

"Yeah, oh wait... Shit... I forgot to tell you guys! We have 1 week to find a new place & find some way to get around those filthy specters! Great, guess I don't remember EVERY little detail in my life..." He said almost in tears.

"Damn right you don't! I mean for cryin' out loud Andy this wasn't exactly a little detail! This is a matter of life & death! Cummon man get back in gear!" Riley bellowed at him in rage.

" Hey that's enough Riley! We still have a week to get out & find a new place! Surely that's plenty of time with our skills!" I shouted at him.

" Yeah i guess your right..." He replied.

" All we need is a plan." Shelly said with a large grin on her face.  


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