All imagine!!!!<3

give me your name, which boy u want, romance, sweet, or sad kind of story, and how long and I will try the make you one. Oh and it doesn't matter who you want it can be: one direction, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, or Cody Simpson I don't care.


1. Jonaskians imagine

*this is a sample*

Today you just moved to Melbourne and decided to take a walk. So while you were walking your best friend txted you and it said " my parents said I could live with you in Melbourne but only if your ok with it YAY!!!!!!!". As you were gonna txt back you bumped into a group of people  and said, " I am so srry I was on my phone and wasn't paying attention!". And as you were looking up you noticed it was your favorite band of all time the Jonaskians! Beau said " It's alright beautiful ". And at the end of the day you got all of there #s and txted them all night. 

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