All imagine!!!!<3

give me your name, which boy u want, romance, sweet, or sad kind of story, and how long and I will try the make you one. Oh and it doesn't matter who you want it can be: one direction, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, or Cody Simpson I don't care.


2. jay Brooks imagine

One day you were walking down the street when a group of boys came and almost drag you down but you ducked and came back up. So after that they came back and said, " are you ok?" You said yes and one boy helped you back up he said his name was jay brooks and his twin brother was luke brooks and his older brother has beau brooks and his friends were daniel and james and you told them your name " y/n ", I said hi and they said the same. So after you got to get to know them, you really liked jay and he liked you so you guys went out a few days later without the guys knowing and went to see after earth in the theaters and it was good, but the best part was when jay kissed and yes on the mouth it was amasing i felt sparks flying, my tummy had butterflies in it, and most of all his lips were baby soft. It was an amasing night and all you could think about was the kiss everyday till you were his girlfriend a month later.

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