I've always loved you

Bethany's dad, George, abuses her for no reason. At a club she ends up running into an old friend of her's, Louis Tomlinson. Soon after she has had enough with her dad, she runs to her friend, Breezy's house, and they run off to Louis. Bethany knows Louis is in the band One Direction, but Breezy doesn't. Bethany starts to have feelings for Harry and breezy falls for Niall. What will happen when George finds them?


1. An old friend

Bethany's P.O.V

    "Bethany! Get your ass down here!" Oh great, here we go again. Probably another beating for something I didn't do.  "I'm going to work." He says right before slapping me. 

"What was that for?!" I scream while holding my face. 

"Don't yell at me!" He slaps me again. Once he leaves for work, I go to the club. (It helps me get my mind off things when I'm with my friends.)

Once I get to the club, I see my friend, Breezy. I walked up to her, she gasped,

"What happened to your face? Wait let me guess, George?" 

"You know me so well." I chuckled. Just then a familiar face comes walking past us.

"Doesn't he look familiar?" I asked 

"Yeah! I think he went to school with us." Then the name popped into my head, Louis Tomlinson! I walk up to him. 

"Umm, excuse me but are you Louis Tomlinson? 

"Yeah, why??" 

"Hey Boobear!!" 

"OH MY GOSH! Bethany, is that you?!?" 

"Yeah!" I was so excited i found my best friend. After he made the X-Factor, we stopped talking.

"I can't believe you're here!" I said giving him a big hug. "I actually thought I would never talk to you again." 

"Same with you, you look great!" 

"Thanks." I say blushing. "Aren't you in a band now?" 

"Yeah, it's called One Direction." *Gets a text from one of the boys* "Hey, I have to go, if you want to visit our house, here's the address. You can invite your friend, too."

He writes down his address and gives it to me. I stick it in my pocket before running back over to Breezy.  "So?" she said nudging me. ''Was it someone we went to school with?"  "Yeah, but i got to go, George (which is my dad) will be home soon." We hug good-bye, and I get home just in time.

    When George got home, all he could say was, "get me another beer!" "Haven't you had enough?" I said before getting punched in the stomach. "Just get me a beer, bitch!!" I have had enough of this. I go up to my room and start packing and planning for my runaway.


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