hey did we justin meet?

did tana make the choice of her life.did she really have to do it?tana is a young canadian girl who is obsessed with justin bieber.she has never met him even though she lives in the small town of stratford.but if she ever got the chance to meet him will justin like her.


1. the street


"bling" my iphone went off.i reached over to grab my phone.

new text from:alex 

hey want to go to that street where only skaters can go to skateboard?i thought maybe we could grab oour boards and skate for a while. :) what do u say?

ok so alex is my best friend.she has been there for me.she knows i would if today wasnt the saddest day of my life. justin bieber is playing here in the avon theater for FREE tonight at midnight in stratford.MY HOME TOWN!!! the only problem is ..... my mom wont let me go to a place like that without her.she is in austrailia.wait!! she wont know if i go after all it is free. i mean your only 19 oonce right?i quickly picked up my phone and went to the website and booked me and alex each a ticket.next thing i did was text her:

compose message: to:alex

hey umm im grabbing my board meet u at the corner. oh and at midnight we are going...;)


alex:going where?

you:to the concert!!!

alex:omb!!!! cant wait hey im at the corner!!

you:see you there:)

the text had ended.i grabbed my board, put my shoes on then headed outside.i skated all the way to the corner which was about one minute away."slow down there tony hawk"alex said excitedly.she must be about to talk about the concert.i didnt want to hear it because i couldnt wait.we skated in silence all the way to 'the street' as us skaters like to call it.it was 5 minutes away.

we got there in a hurry. some skaters were challenging eachother some skater guys were watching and scoping for "hot chicks"  i went and yelled to alex "lets race!!!" she nodded and we went zooming throught the smooth street."CRASH" i was stuck into a trash can.the next thing i know a shadowy figure came to me. the sun was as bright as could be behind this person.he held out his hand.his hand was soft and his voice was a lot like justin biebers.(that made me think it was justin but i highly dougbt it)"need some help?":the boy said lifting me up.i was so embarresed i couldnt push myself to pull my head up to look and see who it was.but as i was looking down  i seen his black jeans and his red supras.i was starting to get excited because i thought this was justin bieber."thank you"i said embarrased.he started tapping his foot on the floor then he spoke "you do know i dont bite right?u can look up.dont be embarresed beutiful."HOLD IT!!!? did he just call me beutiful?he cant be serious.i mean i have long brown hair that i curled up this morning. with my brown eyes,im short,skinny,and i had my makeup on."awwe thanks you really think so?" i said. "yes.hey umm would you mind....umm will you go out with me?" he said.i looked up in shock.i almost had a heart attack when i saw who it was.it was....it was.....JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!"are you being serious or is this a prank?" i had to ask i kinda could hear the excitement but only a little.i was about to cry of joy.but i had to keep it in."no prank no joke completely serious."he said looking like he was in love.i was speechless.i cant believe im gonna be his new girlfriend!!"yes" i said. he got excited!!"cool" and he told his friend about it.then alex pulled up with her skateboard."what was that about?"i made a silent squeel jumping up and down. then i calmed down to say "that was justin bieber and also my new boyfriend no joke we are a couple!!!"alexes face was excited after i said that was justin bieber.then she almost exploded with happy after i told her about him being my new 'boo'.


she was gorgous i have been waiting to ask her out for about ten minutes since i first seen her face.i also heard that she was the sweetest girl in stratford by my friend ryan.he used to go to school with her until they graduated in the same class.ryan is my best friend so i brought him with me to skate today then i saw her and asked about her from ryan he had said ten minutes ago"her name is tana(tona) she was in my graduate class.she is not only beutiful but she is sweet and funny.go on ask her out you wont regret it"so i did.now im walking to her.her friend was next to her. i walked up and her friend almost screamed."hey are you coming to my concert tonight at midnight?"i asked her."yea of course" she said in a high pitched voice that sounded excited.i wanted to give her backstage passes those were 30 bucks a peice but free if i request it."did you order online?"i asked her because if she did i could suprise her.



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