hey did we justin meet?

did tana make the choice of her life.did she really have to do it?tana is a young canadian girl who is obsessed with justin bieber.she has never met him even though she lives in the small town of stratford.but if she ever got the chance to meet him will justin like her.


3. the concert

"tickets please?"the security guard said.i pulled out my phone and showed him the tickets.they said mine and alexes name on them."um HEY so your the girl justin wanted me to escort to the backstage area."the large black man said with the lowest voice ever.i looked over to alex and whispered"i dont know"because she had a puzzled look on her face.the man yelled over at a girl security gaurd that looked just as threatening as he did.when she came over he said to her "take over.i have to escort these two young ladies to justin."she nodded and he told us to follow him so we did.and he took us all the way backstage.there was a lot of stuff going on back there."here are your passes and i will bring you to justins room"he walked us into a dressing room and there we saw justin.he walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek"suprise"justin said.i smiled."so justin umm are you gonna do something special for tana?"alex  exclaimed acting all romantic like."maybe."he awnsered sounding suspisious.the dj had announced justins name and it made the walls vibrate.justin kissed me on the cheek and ran out saying "front row"i nodded and he left.alex got excited and said while pulling my hand "well come on we will be late."she pulled me out to the front row where two seats were empty.no one i mean no one was sitting down.every one was cheering as we waited for justin to come out onstage.all of a sudden the 'believe key' showed up on a screen.it was counting down "3.....2......1.....woooooo!!"everyone yelled.including me and alex."SWOOSH!!"a spotlight went to one side of the room.then SWOOSH again now it was in the middle and all i seen was justin coming down with HUGE angel wings on.he hit the ground.dancers came over to him and unhooked him,the wings went back into the air."how is everyone tonight?"justin said through the microphone and the crowd screammed "good".justin was wearing blue sweats and no shirt.i stood there admiring him until the crowd calmed down.now before i get to the singing i want to introduce one of the most beutiful girls in the world.she is my new girlfriend.her name is tanahala,"i blushed,"come up tana.hey guys help her up"some body guards helped me onstage.justin came to me and grabbed my hand.he led me out to the middle.he started singing one less lonely girl.the song ended and he helped me off stage.i stood and sung all the way to the end of the concert.then i ran back stage.

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