hey did we justin meet?

did tana make the choice of her life.did she really have to do it?tana is a young canadian girl who is obsessed with justin bieber.she has never met him even though she lives in the small town of stratford.but if she ever got the chance to meet him will justin like her.


2. my house.


 "Yes"I answered him as he asked if I ordered my concert tickets online."sweet well umm want to go to dinner before The concert?"he asked ok all of this was crazy awesome this has to be a dream but I had to keep believing. So I answered very politely "yes I would love too." He took my hand and Alex came to say "hey Tana your mom and dad won't be home for 3 years right?and they left last week?" Alex asked as I nodded.my parents are in austrailia on a hunger mission.they left yesterday now i am living on my own for three whole years maybe even more. she continued,"ok let's all go hang out over at tanas house."we all nodded then we grabbed our skateboards in our hands and walked off.five minutes later we were at my house. I grabbed out my keys and unlocked the door.we walked in and i led them to the kitchen."lunch anyone?"i asked as i opened the fridge pulling out some leftover spagettie balogne(my faveorite).they both got super excited."yes of coarse!"justin and alex said at the exact same time.they were now sitting down in my red bowl like stools at the island.i took out 3 bowls and heated up the leftovers.we ate and laughed took pictures and joked."hey alex want to spend the night with me after the concert?"i asked while me and her were washing dishes.she looked super happy."duh actually i was thinking maybe i could live with u till your parents get back.i have time to move other stuff"i got so excited and yelled "of coarse!"and i took justins hand and we walked out the door.alex lead the way even though i already knew where her house was.

later that night after justin went to get ready and he has for about an hour now ,me and alex were makeing dinner.we were haveing bacon and eggs."i cant believe today actually happened."i stated.alex looked at me agreeingly and said"yea i know hey we should start getting ready for the concert.its like 11:30 pm"she said. i dropped my fork and we ran upstairs to my room to get ready."hey our strapless dresses that have that jb picture on the bottom. you know the ones with the purple heart boob area."she noddeed and grabbed our matching dresses out of the closet.she handed me mine and she went started to change.we wore the exact same sized clothes so it didnt matter if i got handed the wrong one to eachother. i changed fast just like her and we went to go recurle our hair.alex and i looked exactly alike.people think we are twins but we are not we arent even sisters but we act like it.we got done with our hair fixed our makeup then brushed our teeth.it only took us 10 minutes for all of that.we looked at eachother nodded then said"purple four inch heels"we grabbed our heels out(they were matching and yes we wair the same shoe size) and walked downstairs.it turned 11:40pm and we bullted for the door.(hard to do in heels).ten minutes later we were at the avon theater.we drove in my purple voltz wagon bug

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