hey did we justin meet?

did tana make the choice of her life.did she really have to do it?tana is a young canadian girl who is obsessed with justin bieber.she has never met him even though she lives in the small town of stratford.but if she ever got the chance to meet him will justin like her.


4. justins house.

"hey great job!"i yelled as i ran up to him and hugged him.alex following swiftly behind me.justin wrapped his warm arms around me.i smiled."hey i was thinking lets all spend the night at my place."justin said bitting his lip. i had to think about it before i answered "yes." he smiled. alex was standing behind us all quiet then justin said "by all of us i meant you too." she smiled and started talking non stop on how it was her dream to hang out with him."hey im gonna get changed into some not sweaty clothes then we will all ho in my car and leave ok?" justin asked. i stopped him before he walked away to say "i have to drive my car." he nodded in agreement and went to his dressing room.me and ashley talked about random things while justin quickly got changed and walked back out. he ran up to scooter and told him what was going on then he came up and put his arm around my shoulder.

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