Padded Walls

In the world of Nunquam, the children are seperated from the adults from birth. They don't want to contaminate the adults with imagination and freedom. Ignis, Mendax, Lector, Quare and Infaustum are all 17, and eligible to go into the adult's world...


4. Spies

January the 3rd is today. The training for Spies starts today. Mendax and Quare are looking in at the Army, but I'm the only girl from our group that's going for the Spies. I don't understand why they don't want to join the Spies. It's a good lifestyle, and it pays 150 tokens a month. The cooking business only pays 100 a month. That's what it says on the poster.

Around a 100 17 year old adults turned up for this today. Anyone can be a Spy, but they only pick the best. Out of the 100 today, only 20 of us will be Spies.

I could see a few other girls that I liked the look of. Two of them came up to me and said hello. They were called Puella and Hilaris. Puella was tiny and skinny, whilst Hilaris was tall and well, large.

"Most of my friends didn't come here today! I don't know why!" I exclaimed. They nodded, a little scared.

One by one, one of the Guards sent us in for the Physical Challenge, which was basically a large obstacle course. Up until that point, I don't think I realized how useless my arms and legs were. They just flailed around, but at least they weren't as weak as some people's legs. As soon as Puella began to jump over a hurdle, her tiny legs just gave away and she laid face first in the mud. Physical exertion wasn't common in the block we lived in for 16 years. 

I think it made me realize how much we were missing out on life's difficulties, in that tower of terror. Maybe that's why they kept us in there, so we wouldn't see the horrors facing us today. On my ride here, I saw people with crooked faces and sticky-out teeth. I had never seen anyone like that before. It fascinated me. 

During this, I almost forgot how to work my legs! Luckily, they just keep going, almost without me telling them to.  Strange. I turned around to see who was behind me... and there was no one. I hadn't seen anyone go past me either, so I must be the last one standing! That must mean I win!

A large, pompous man with some sort of hair on his lips, congratulated me on winning. A small red badge with three lions was handed over to me. I was then rudely shoved into a dark, damp room, with about 10 other people. Hilaris and Puella hadn't made it into the Spies, it seemed.

Everyone had clipped their badges to their jackets, so I did the same. Most of them in there had lots of mud on them, but it didn't seem to matter. We were told to await orders by a microphone above us.

Hours passed. Someone claimed they had waited here a whole day. I waited in anticipation. 

"Hello, and welcome, future Spies of Nunquam. In the next room you will find what roles you will be assigned to, and whether or not you'll be in combat or behind the scenes, so to speak," said a gruff voice from above.

They filed out one by one. This room was definitely more impressive. White walls, sterile walls, that obviously lead on to many different places.

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