Padded Walls

In the world of Nunquam, the children are seperated from the adults from birth. They don't want to contaminate the adults with imagination and freedom. Ignis, Mendax, Lector, Quare and Infaustum are all 17, and eligible to go into the adult's world...


2. Released

Finally! Today is the day everyone is released into the adult world! Everyone is excited. It's the first time we're going to see anyone above our own age. Infaustum is really nervous about leaving the safety of the padded walls, whereas the boys are unfazed by it. Today we will also see the Warden. The real Warden. This is the first and last time we see him.

At around the tenth hour, everyone filed into a room that wasn't padded. It was smooth and white. There was a large looking step that one of the Guards called the 'Stage'.  Then, there was a loud crashing noise and an old looking figure appeared.

I realised. It was the Warden. His face was... distorted. His picture was faked. On the picture he has blonde hair and blue eyes, but here he has black eyes and black hair. The Warden's face was... saggier and lined. His stomach was round, and his moustache was small and also black.

"Hello, new citizens of Nunquam!" he shouted, after silence fell between Guards. "Over the next forty or fifty years, you will work for one of our ministrys. We have four in all; the Ministry of War, Ministry of Past and Future, Ministry of Money and the Ministry of Children. First, you need to become either parts of the Spies or the Army. You will train for 3 years, up to the age of 20, and then you will be allocated to a Ministry. Good luck, training begins January 3rd at the 12th hour. Now you must leave, and choose your houses. Remember there can be up to five to a house. Before you leave, you will be injected with reading, writing and speaking knowledge,"

This was a droning speech, but it had a lot of information in it. I mean, I cannot read or write or even speak. Heck, I don't even know what those things are. We hear the Guards speak to us, and that's how we know to think.

Everyone filed out of the smooth room and into another one. Random Guards came at us with sharp spiky things, which alarmed most of us. Quare collapsed, but he still had the 'thing' stuck into his arm. Jones, a funny looking Guard, injected me with the spiky thing. A warm sensation spread over me, and my mind almost burst wide open. It was filled with things the Guards called 'knowledge'.

Loads of people passed out, but some of them began to open and close their mouths. The Guards had sticks with sharp edges and also some thin, miniature looking walls, that were white and stuff. I picked one up from a Guard and scribbled on the mini-wall;

My name is Ignis. I am 17 years old. I'm being released today.

I was in awe of it. I could actually see what it was saying. 

"That's called writing," said a short Guard.

"What?" I said. Shocked, I clapped my hands over my mouth- I had said something! Only the Guards could do that!

"Quare! Lector! Mendax! Infaustum! Wake up!" I shouted. 

"Ah?" said Mendax. He looked shocked as well. I smiled at him, which no one has done before.


"Yes, sir," whispered everyone.

The 17 year old adults filed out of the room and into... fresh air. The smell was overwhelming. But mostly fresh. 





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