Padded Walls

In the world of Nunquam, the children are seperated from the adults from birth. They don't want to contaminate the adults with imagination and freedom. Ignis, Mendax, Lector, Quare and Infaustum are all 17, and eligible to go into the adult's world...


3. Flat No. 666

Mr Helper was a middle aged man who they said was around 40. He had square glasses with black sideburns and a bald head. He looked odd standing next to all of the 17 year old's. 

"Y-yes, y-you c-can h-have n-number 666," he said shakily. "B-but the b-boys and g-girls m-must have s-separate r-rooms, o-otherwise y-you will l-live a-alone, and y-you have t-to p-pay the r-rent every m-month, s-starting February this y-year. The r-rent is 800 t-tokens p-per m-month," 

He turned on the spot, and left them to it. The door creaked open...

Inside the room were beige walls and a light blue carpet. There was a white kitchen leading onto it, that was completely white with a tiny fridge, a cupboard, and an oven. Also, there was two bedrooms leading of off the living room, one for the girls, the other for the boys.  

"Wow, not bad!" exclaimed Mendax. 

"It's a s***hole," said Lector, gloomily.

"Shut up, Lector," snapped Infaustum.

"You've just learnt how to speak, for crying out loud!" he roared.

Lector just shoved us out of the way, and went into the green room, where the boys were staying. Quare followed him. 

Infaustum, moodily, went into our room. Our room was lilac coloured, similar to purple, I observed. There was a bunk bed, where Infaustum had settled herself on the lower bunk. There was also two lilac desks and two lamps. There was a pile of mini-walls labelled 'Paper'.  

Mendax came to have a look round our room. Then we looked at theirs. Quare and Lector had taken the bunk bed, and Mendax had taken the spare bed. It was similar to our room, apart from everything was green and there was three desks. 

"I guess this is home now," I said. "On January 3rd we begin training for Spies and the Army!"

"I'm not going to that!" exclaimed Lector. "I'm going to the computer training programme, I saw it advertised in the window,"

I shrugged and saw it was the 19th and a half hour, which meant bedtime. The Guards had also given us sleeping pills, which we normally used. I took a blue one, which means to wake up by the 9th hour...

I felt refreshed waking up the next morning. I went into the living room and saw that Lector was awake. He must have taken an orange pill, which means to wake up at the 8th hour. That's the earliest time they do.

"You're lucky," he mumbled quietly. "That you're not a male,"

"Why?" I asked.

"Let's just say the front of my trousers was larger than usual," he whispered.


"Never mind," he said, and then turned away. 

Shrugging, I went back to bed. Well, I actually went to my desk, but, anyway, I took out a piece of 'paper' and began to 'write'.

Yesterday I moved into Flat No. 666. I also learnt to read, write and speak yesterday. Tomorrow I'm joining the Spies, where I'll train for 3 years and I'll work in one of the four Ministrys, Ministry of Money, Past and Future, War or Children. I hope to work in the Ministry of Past and Future.

I was quite happy with what I had done, although, when I had done, everyone had woken up. 

"Morning, Ignis!" said Infaustum, brightly.

"Hey," I said. "Training for the Spies begins on January 3rd!"

"Yeah...about that....." she said. "I'm not going to do that, I'm signing up on the 5th for a Food/Cooking job,"

"You've never baked a cake in your life!" I shouted.

"Neither has anyone else! Think about it," she said, and left the room.

"What is wrong with everyone?" I whispered.

I wandered into the kitchen, where I saw everyone sitting on the sofa, in a tightly knitted space. They must have been talking about me, because otherwise they would have continued talking,

"What?" I asked.

"We're just talking...." said Quare.

"....about you," said Lector, with an evil grin on his face. 

"Sort of,"said Mendax. "We're just deciding our jobs, and wondering whether the Spies is the best thing for you..."

"When did you lot get to decide what my future is?!" I boomed. Infaustum slid further into her seat. On the table, there was a list of possible jobs I could have; Engineer, House-wive, Chef, the list was endless. Their jobs were:

Mendax- Animals/Army

Lector- Technology/Computers

Quare- Army

Infaustum- Cooking

Ignis- ?

"Quare? In the Army? Don't make me laugh!" I snarled. "And Mendax? You're too soft. Lector, good choice. Infaustum, you'd be better as a house wife!"

"Y-you didn't h-have to be m-mean about it!" sobbed Infaustum.



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