Padded Walls

In the world of Nunquam, the children are seperated from the adults from birth. They don't want to contaminate the adults with imagination and freedom. Ignis, Mendax, Lector, Quare and Infaustum are all 17, and eligible to go into the adult's world...


1. Entering the world of Nunquam

Living in Nunquam was extremely fun-until I was 1 years old. I was born on the 29th of April 2013. In 2014, a new law passed that adults were not allowed to mix with children. The Warden and his Guards then got all the children of Nunquam and put them in an 18 story high building. You're let out at 17. My earliest memory is of the Guards locking the van and my parents looking sort of... I don't know how to explain it.

In the building, emotions aren't taught. That's what the guards call them, anyway. Our feelings are kept to ourselves, and crying is punishable by beating, (unless you're under 3). Our floor is floor 18, because there's floor 1 for children that are a few months. Everyone is the same age on each floor, but they don't mind mixing boys and girls.

The Warden himself chooses your name. It's called a given name, when you're 17, you can change it. My name is Ignis. In a week's time, I will be released into the outside world, because I'm 17.

Also, evryone has to wear the same clothes. The girls wear a white shirt and blue shorts or trousers, and the boys wear blue shirt and white trousers. You only get your clothes once a year, so if you grow quickly, you're stuck with small clothes.

It's not bad in our floor. At least the padded walls are white, and not a stupid colour like orange or yellow. They have the padded walls to protect us, of course. Some children are very distressed by these walls, and are allowed to visit an older child to help them through it. On each wall there is a poster of the Warden saying the three slogans of Nunquam:

Bellum, pax est
Libertas est servitus
Ignorantia est fortitudo

The language of Nunquam is an ancient language of Latin. Whatever that is.

Our bodies have been genetically modified so that we start puberty as soon as we leave. But, something must have gone wrong on me, because I get teased for having a large chest, whereas everyone else is skinny. Nothing has happened like this to any of the boys, because the Warden takes more care over them.

Everyday, we have an assembley called 'diligimus custos contione', where we repeat the slogans of Nunquam around a 100 times. These start at around 2 years old, so by the time you're 16 you know it off by heart, back to front and in an anagram.

In floor 18, there are only 20 children left, because most of them have died in here, due to unknown causes. But, we know. Most of them found something sharp (a pencil, glass, even a nail) and continuely stabbed themselves during the night until they died. The saddest one was Confodisti, one of my friends. He threw himself at these walls so many times that a Guard took him away, and no one ever saw him again. That's how most of them died.

Anyway, out of the 20 that are left, only 4 of them are my friends. They are Lector, Mendax, Quare and Infaustum. Only me and Infaustum are girls. All the boys and girls look similar; the girls are blonde haired and blue eyed, and the boys are brown haired and green eyed.

Everyone on our floor is really excited, because we're all let out on the 31st December. My birthday was a few months ago, but everyone is let out at the same time, so they don't cause confusion. Not many children in here are bright sparks, because we are only taught to love the Warden, and that's all that matters. We re told, at 17, in the adult world, you can join an organisation called the Spies (for girls) and the Army (for boys). These are also know as Insinuendi and Miles.

I'm nervous, but excited to enter the adult world. We've had many talks about this (voice only), but I think I'm finally ready.


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