the traveller

kelly is a 19 year old girl, who has trouble at home. one day she decides to run away. she ventures out into London. and one night Niall Horan findes her...


6. truth or dare pt2

Louis P.O.V


“okay then Louis…TRUTH OR DARE!?!?” harry screeched.

“I’m gonna have to go for…DARE!”

“okay then, I dare you to jump into the pool WITH your clothes on” he sang.

“but its one in the morning”


“it’s cooolllllddddd tho!”

“my point exactly” he teased.



when I got to the edge of the pool, I turned round.

“haz do I have t- AHHHH” I screamed as harry pushed me in. I quickly scrambled out of the pool and Zayn handed me a towel. Damn it was cold.


We got back in and Liam had made some hot chocolate, we sat back down in a circle and carried on with the game.


“my turn!... I PICK NIALL” I screeched. Niall had a terrified look on his face.

“Niall truth or dare”


“okay who’s your crush?”


“okay but you cant go back, okay?”

he turned bright red…


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