the traveller

kelly is a 19 year old girl, who has trouble at home. one day she decides to run away. she ventures out into London. and one night Niall Horan findes her...


12. the voice

Niall’s P.O.V


I was watching the news when something caught my eye.


‘Mrs. D Stevens has been brutally murdered, the main suspect is her husband Mr. G Stevens. Police say that he is now in search for his 19 year old daughter Kelly Stevens’


Oh no..


What would happen if he got to her..

NO! he wouldn’t get to her, he would have to kill me first.


What should I say to her?

Should I tell her?

I think I should leave it, I don’t want her to get worried.


I was really scared now, so I decided to go check on her, she’s been up there for a while.


When I got to the top of the stairs, I heard something in the bathroom.


As I got closer I was able to make it out.


I rested my ear on the door and listened…


She was singing ‘little things’ and it sounded beautiful.

I didn’t know she could sing.

I really wanted the boys to be able to hear this but I couldn’t bear to interrupt it, so I got out my phone and recorded.


When she had finished I rushed downstairs incase she came out.


I was full of mixed emotions right now, I was scared, happy, and confused. I decided to call Liam to see if he could help.

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