the traveller

kelly is a 19 year old girl, who has trouble at home. one day she decides to run away. she ventures out into London. and one night Niall Horan findes her...


13. the call

Liam’s P.O.V


I was up early as usual, so I made some toast, sat on the sofa and turned on the news…


‘Mrs. D Stevens has been brutally murdered, the main suspect is her husband Mr. G Stevens. Police say that he is now in search for his 19 year old daughter Kelly Stevens’


Oh god!


Did Niall know- speaking of Niall, I if he built up the courage to ask her? – I need to tell him, but how?


All of a sudden my phone rang.


“Hi Liam”

“Hey Niall… um, have you seen the news?”

“Yeah…” he said sadly

“Don’t worry man, it’ll be ok”

“But what if its not? What if he takes her away from me? What would happen?”

“Niall, don’t worry, he’ll have to get past all of us first…any way, did you ask her?”



“And what?”

“And what did she say?”


“That’s great man.”

“Oh and guess what…”


“I said guess!”

“Umm… I don’t know, what?”

“You didn’t even guess!”

“Oh well just tell me!”


“Niall sorry to break it to ya, but everyone has the ability to sing”

“No, I mean she can REALLY sing, she’s amazing!”

“How did you get her to sing to you?”

“She didn’t sing to me”

“Then how do you know she’s good?”

“I heard her”


“Well… I saw the news thing and I got really worried so I went to check on her, she was in the bathroom and she was singing along to ‘little things’”

“Oh… do you have any proof?”

“Actually, yes I do, I recorded it.”

“Oh, did she know you recorded it?”

“Um, no…”

“What if she finds out?”

“I dunno, I think she’ll be fine with it…gotta go, she’s coming, byeeee…. Oh wait a sec. could you come with us to the shopping center just incase?”

“Yea sure mate what time? Oh and does she know ‘bout the news story?”

“Um no… could meet me round mine in bout an hour?”

“Yea that’s fine”

“’Thanks mate”

“See ya”


well he did seem worried, but at least he’s handling well...

..i hope he is any way

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