the traveller

kelly is a 19 year old girl, who has trouble at home. one day she decides to run away. she ventures out into London. and one night Niall Horan findes her...


16. should have told pt1

Niall’s P.O.V


*Meanwhile in the kitchen*


“Um, Liam?”

“Yea mate?”

“Why are all the boys here?”

“Because I thought they would be good at finding clothes for Kelly…speaking of Kelly congrats”

“Thanks Liam …And don’t go off topic with me… Tell me the real reason…”

“I just wanted to make sure she would be ok… god knows what he would do to her if he got his hands on her and Its not every day our little Nialler gets a crush”

“Ok then, what to you think they are doing in there?”

“I don’t know lets go find out”


we walked into the living room greeted by kelly staring at the TV in shock and the boy’s glaring at me…


“Why didn’t you tell her, I mean she is your girlfriend now right?” Lou questioned.

“Yea she is…but…I don’t know I was just worried”

“But she has a right to know!” Harry blurted out.

“I was worried, and I didn’t want to loose her okay!” shouted

“Its okay Niall don’t worry…” Zayn said in a calmly


I walked over to her…

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