the traveller

kelly is a 19 year old girl, who has trouble at home. one day she decides to run away. she ventures out into London. and one night Niall Horan findes her...


7. should 1?

Niall’s P.O.V


OH SHIT why does Louis have to do this to me?

I even agreed to not going back on the dare.

What am I gonna do?

I have to do it?

But its not fair on her.

What if she doesn’t like me back?

I’m so confused!


I just sat there and stared.


I’m gonna have to do it soon.


And Louis is right, I do have to make my move, even though hazza promised, there is no telling with him. I just didn’t want it to be like this.


“dude what’s taking you so long” Zayn asked

“its not fair!” I protested

“well, that’s the roller-coaster of life man, sure it has bumps in the tracks at times, but you just have to enjoy it while you can. Just do it” Zayn reasoned.

“okay” I murmered


Demi, Amy and Kelly were sitting on the edge of the couch nervously. Kelly was in the middle with Demi on her left and Amy on her right.

I slowly walked to wards them.

I stopped just in front of her.


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