Cupcake Kid~On pause!)

Leonie loves harry, he loves her back. But when Harry leaves, what happens to Leonie? Does he care?


4. What Do You Care?

Leonie's P.O.V:

I clean myself up in the staff bathrooms and report back to my father as he is my boss and if this were a normal job with a boss that I don't know, I'd be screwed. He's currently in Board Room B so I grab his usual order of a black coffee and five glasses of water before knocking and entering quietly.

Harry's P.O.V:

I don't know why but something in my gut wants to know if this girl is alright. She seemed pretty upset when she took off, I glance worriedly at the door before turning back to Charles, he told us to call him Charlie as we will be seeing much of each other in the next few months, hopefully years. Charlie is standing at the top of the boardroom at the whiteboard, scribbling figures and percentages of our income or whatever. I didn't do business and quite frankly, none of this concerns me. Only Liam is really paying attention, the good lad. Zayn is pretending to look interested by making eye-contact with Charlie every so often, only I know he's acting as he has told me before of his sly secret. Louis is slumped in his swivel chair, pouting and sighing heavily while Niall's eyes are darting around the room, presumebly searching for food. I sgih and cross my arms in accordance with my legs. I admire my new Puma sneakers, the board room doors open to reveal the girl once more. She is carrying five glasses of water and a coffee cup on a wooden tray. She places a glass of water in front of everyone of us, I'm the last to be given a glass as I'm the furthest from the front. Charlie continues on. I turn quietly to the girl who, up close, has red puffy eyes.

Hello there. Are you okay, love?

She turns to me with a death glare,

What do you care?

She took the empty seat next to her father and the front, he smiles at her before waving to us.

Like I said before boys, this is my daughter......

Liam cuts him off,


She's in the seat right next to him, he turns to her and outstretches his arm to shake her small hand. She smiles bravely but everyone here can tell its hurting her to put it on. Charlie clears his throat,

So......Leonie is doing business and is a very important part in this company....

Leonie snorts loudly and leans back in her chair, crossing her arms like a rebel, cheekily. Her father looks at her sternly before continueing,

And you should all be respectful to her as she is your boss as well as me.....she is just as important and often witholds the job of running this place when I am away.

All the boys look at her in awe, all except me and Niall who is still looking around for some food. His gaze turns dow nto the glass of water in front of him, he stares at it hungrily and does that look with his eyes. Probably hoping it will magically turn into a pint of Guiness, thats my boy!





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