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Leonie loves harry, he loves her back. But when Harry leaves, what happens to Leonie? Does he care?


1. Prologue

My name is Leonie, I graduated from school and I now go to colledge. I have a part-time job working for my Dad in his firm. He does business with famous people, I don't really ask questions. I'm just there to make sure they have enough tea or coffee or even lunch. I'm there to make sure they're pleased with our services. I love working there as its lovely and peaceful but then when the famous people come in, its hectic. Paps are outside with their flashing cameras and once I got into bother with a famous band in a paper for running out to the car with their passes. The paps made awful stories about me and I had to miss school for a week because they followed me to school and back.

                                                                                                        I fell in love, when I was young. He left me all alone and my Dad was left to pick up the pieces. I used to break down in tears when I thought about it but now I have come to terms with it and dealt with it responsibly but the thing is, he pops up everywhere.


In magazines, all over Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, newspapers. There's no escaping him but it was easy to leave me behind. I'm never in papers, I never do stupid and more importantly, I'm not famous. Sadly he is, its almost as if he's rubbing it in my face everyday. His flings with Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack were like pulling my heart out and smashing it over again and again. Even sometimes when I'm talking I realise that I have spoken the names of some of their songs, I think you now know who I am talking about.

You don't believe me? Then leave, this is my story and I don't care if you don't believe because this is me. Leonie.

Chapter One.

Leonie's P.O.V:

I pick up all the empty cups and plates from the board room where my dad had his last meeting with clients. He returned after biddign them goodbye and ruffled my hair,

How are you doing kiddo?

He's been calling me that since I was five, when my mother died of cancer. I have also come to terms with that as well. To think that he left me with no mother or goodbye. I shake my head in disgust at him, I'd spit on him if it wasn't revolting and impolite. But there would be World War lll going on in here between my Dad and him if he walked through that door. I smiled bravely at my dad,

Going well, I cleaned up board room A. Any more clients today or am I free to go?

Eh well.......

My Dad removed his hand from the small of my back and used it to scratch the back of his head awkwardly,

Well.....honey....there's a group of clients coming in actually and well.....umm.


I think he got the signal I was impatient.

Harry's P.O.V:

We had to go to a new agency today, all the change! Its happening for me now! Now more than ever, I feel alive! I had a rough night out last night at this one club and my hangover is killing me. I can't even remember last night and the boys haven't seen me today, only talking by text but they say that Management is going nuts after it. Lou texted me ten minutes ago about our new agency. My phone started ringing,


Hello Harry......

Management, s**t!

Eh hello...

We know what happened last night and would like to inform you that we are not happy.

Eh okay....

You do know that what you did is serious?

Eh well the thing is............

Harry? Do you even remember?

To be

Jesus Harry! Just pick up a newspaper on the way over and you will see. I suppose Louis told you about the agency?

Yes I will be there.

You better be. Goodbye Harry.

With a click on the landline they were gone,


I screamed at my phone, anger raging through my whole body. I feel my head slowly start to pound again, I groan and walk slowly into my apartement kitchen to grab a glass of water and aspirin. When I'm done I get ready and decide to ring the boys,

Yo! Here is tha Swag Masta from Doncasta!

Hey Lou!

Yo Horny Harry!


Sorry buddy but its true! Whats up?!

When are ye picking me up?!

Eh we are leaving Liam's now, everyone else is here so ten minutes buddy!

Kay thanks man!

No prob bro!

I hang up after Lou and grab my wallet and keys. I check Twitter for any news on what I did last night but I didn't really get a chance as a car horn beeps twice outside. I grab my coat and make sure I have everything before exiting. This is going to be fun.... I sigh as I jump into the noisy car.

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