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Leonie loves harry, he loves her back. But when Harry leaves, what happens to Leonie? Does he care?


5. Oh She Knows Me Alright!

Leonie's P.O.V:

Seeing him made me sick, but talking ot him made me want to take out a shot gun and just BANG! Thats all it would take, just one pull of a trigger. He's not worth it though, going to prison for killing an international pop sensation, or so they say he is. Personally though, I think he's full of crap and I'm not the only one, the minute he walked through the door dad has been watching him. When he, I can't even bring myself to say his name, tried to talk to me, I nearly swung a punch at him. The cheek of him to just ask me if I'm alright? What does he think? It did also look alot like he didn't remember me! He never called me love and the way he said it, it sounded like he wanted to get to know me. You may be thinking at this point, naah she's just paranoid but I'm not! I've seen hundreds of people walk in here and talk to me and I know their body language. I know alot of things about body language as I've been with my dad alot from the age of sixteen up, I'm guessing you know what happened in that year that caused me to turn to my dad for help.

Are you okay, love?

Are you okay, love?

Are you okay, love?

His words replayed through my head a hundred times over, how does he not remember me? My dad is still continueing the meeting and often times I catch the gaze of some of the boys. The really short haired one, I think Liam? Is intensely listening to Charles. I call my dad Charlie when I'm at work with him and sometimes it sticks when I get home too. The other boys are fooling around but Charlie doesn't care as he is practically just talking to Liam and I. He, I still can't say his name, is staring at me. I glare at him, giving him the signal to quit it out but he just looks away whistling. When I stop glaring at him and return my gaze to Charlie, he looks back at me again. I roll my eyes and he grins cheekishly. I sink down further in ym seat as he leans back, relaxing.

                                                            My father finishes the meeting and brings the boys to the coffee room where there's two big red,leather couches and a kitchen/ chill area. Charlie leaves me with all five boys. I roll my eyes and ask them all what they want,

Can I check for food?

I hear a really loud, irish voice ask,


I turn to look at the boys, trying to figure out who's voice it was. I look liam in the eye, a questioning look on my face. He nods towards the blond haired, blue eyed boy. I glance at him, he smiles and runs over to the kitchen area's fridge. I hear the boy with the dark hair, blond streak going up his quiff. His brown eyes are heavenly. Like I was trying to say before his good looks distracted me, he lets out a dark chuckle. The boy beside him has a strange yet sexy fashion sense of style, he is wearing red skinny jeans, braces holding them up and hanging on his shoulders, a white tee with black horizontal stripes and plain black Vans. I smile and ask them all,

So....what will ye guys have?

The brown eyed god with a quiff was the first to pipe up, followed by his quirky friend,

I'll have a coffee...thanks!

Oh oh! I'll have tea love!

His fashion sense suits his personality perfectly. It now hits me that Harry, I said his name! the only one in the band thats a total and utter dick. Liam pipes up next,

A tea for me would be great.....thanks!

I smile before asking them all,

Any milk or tea?

I try to memorize all their orders, Louis wants tea with two spoons of sugar but Liam whispered to me to only give him one or he will go bonkers, the quiff guy, Zayn. He wants a coffee with no milk or sugar, Liam wants simple tea with milk and the blond haired boy is still content in the fridge. I walk over to the kitchen area, it blocked by the corner of the wall so you can't see it from the chilling area. I fill the kettle for the right amount and click it on. I grab cups out of the cupboards and tea bags. I get the jar of coffee for Zayn's cup. The kettle is just boiling so I can't hear Harry walking in,

Hello love. You forgot my order. You can make up for it though....tell me your name.

He has snaked his cold, long arms around my waist and has rested his head on my left shoulder, whispering it in my ear.

Get off me Harry!

I shrug him off impatiently,

Wait! How do you know my name?

I gulp, he has caught me out now. How does he not remember me? We were in love!

Flashback 2010*

Harry! If I drown will you save me?

He squinted up at me from the water below, we are pier diving and I have honestly never done this before. He held his arms out as far as he could,

I love you this much! And I promise that I will always catch you! Forget the time you were falling from the heavens! I was only coming up from hell!

I smile down at his squinting face, the sun was really hot today. He loves me?

Harry! You're so cheesy!

I know but....would you have me any other way?

No I suppose not!

Now then....tell me you love me!

I love you!

Louder! I can't hear you!

I love you Harry Styles!



Thats when I took a run and leap into the dark waters below.

End of Flashback*

I gulped as his hot breath tingled my neck, I impatiently tugged his arms off me,

You were all introduced to me earlier!

He looked thoughtful for awhile before answering,

Oh...I see. I'm gonna make you mine, One Way Or Another!

He pointed at me before leaving. I turn back to the kettle rolling my eyes at his cheesiness,

You already had me.

He was gone so he never heard me but because the kettle stopped boiling, the blondie heard me and stuck his head out the fridge,

Sorry, did you say something?

I smile at his cute accent, I always loved the irish. They are the fun, humourous people we need today in our economic state.The carefree people, he smiles at my long stare. I smile foolishly and reply,

Oh no! Sorry!

He nods and I return to the beverages while he returns to the fridge. When I am finished, I bring the hot beverages in two at a time. Once done, I sit down with the boys and enjoy my cappuchino.

Hey! What about Harry?

The Louis boy pipes up, while Harry replies

I'm fine...

While at the same time I pipe up,

He's fine!

Zayn stares intently at my face, probably wondering am I one of Harry's one night stands that he can't remember while Louis' eyes bounce back and forth in his head like he's watching a ping-pong match. Liam stares at me in question while the irish boy just sits there eating his sandwhich. I decide to look at him as he's clueless, cute and is the only one not staring at me in this moment.


He blurts out, crumbs flying everywhere. He must have noticed the tension in the room. I smile and wave my hand dismissively.

Oh nothing! Erm.....could you maybe introduce yourselves again? Please, I think I have you all confused!

I feel myself go red as they all turned and smiled at me.

I'm Louis but people call me Lou, the Loumanator, Lou Lou.....

The boy in the stripes perks up quickly, living up to his quirky personality but the quiffy cuts him off his rant of multiple nicknames,

We call him Lou.

I nod and smile at Louis, the quiffmaster, haha I know! Starts talking again,

I'm Zayn, love.

I notice how the irish boy is the only one thats irish, the rest seem to be english. I also take note that english people tend to say 'love' alot. I smile at Zayn and wait for someone else to speak up,


Irish boy and Liam cut in at the same time, irish boy goes all red while Liam laughs awkwardly,

You go first Niall....

Irish boy, a.k.a Niall, puffs out a sigh purposely while waving his hands in the air,

You told her mate! I'm Niall though...

He turns to me, smiling from ear to ear. He shakes my hand with his left as his right hand is occupying his sandwhich. Liam speaks up now,

I'm Liam, probably the most responsible. If you want to get in contact with us, then you're best likely to get us on my phone.

He smiles at me and I return it, I get up waving at them.

I'll probably have to go now, can't be sleeping on the job!

I head for the door when I hear Zayn's voice shout,


I turn and head back to the couch where they are all still sitting except for Zayn who is kinda half sitting, half standing.

You forgot our fifth member!

He obviously doesn't want to repeat what Liam did by blowing Harry's cover but too bad, I know him too well. But I can honestly say that what Harry said next actually shocked me,

Oh she knows me alright.

He had his arms and legs crossed at was glumly glaring at his shoes, I clapped my hands together and made for the door quickly,

Okay guys! Hope to see ye again!

I left and continued down the hall to find Charlie, oh he's in for it now!


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