Cupcake Kid~On pause!)

Leonie loves harry, he loves her back. But when Harry leaves, what happens to Leonie? Does he care?


3. chapter three.

Harry's P.O.V:

I jumped out of the car and followed the boys into the studio where they hopped in the glass doors. I brush my curls out of my face, glancing around my whereabouts. Its a nice place, I suppose any place is nicer that being trampled on by a stompede of girls. I grin, or is it? There is a middle aged man standing in a grey suit, looking almost frightened of me, I frown as I concentrate on his features. Hmm, something about him. His fright was soon replaced by anger as he turns to the girl beside him, I didn't notice she was there until now. He patted her back soothingly as silent tears ran down her face, my head automatically cocked to the side in confusion. I know we have hardcore fans but why would the man be angry at us for making the girl happy? But thats the thing, they are tears of sadness. All colour has drained from her face and she looks deeply sad. I recognise her from somewhere as well, oh god! I hope she isn't one of those one night stands where I left without saying goodbye, I'm totally fucked if so as this man who is probably her father is geniunely pissed.

                            The boys have finally calmed and are now looking between me and the pair with concern all over their faces. Louis mouths to me something along the lines of,

What's going on?

I mouth back as good as possible,

I don't know!

He nods and gives me the thumbs up, Daddy Directioner steps in, fulfilling his name by trying to lighten the mood,

Hello I'm Liam, this is Niall,  Zayn, Louis and....

He points his hand in the direction of each boy before them saying a quick 'hello!' back but he pauses on my name, he turns to look at me tiredly before continuing,


This makes the girl's tears flow faster now, my insides are hurting for some reason. I'm fighting the urge to go over and just wrap her in my arms, she's so beautiful. But I don't nkow her and thats what would make it awkward, but maybe I do know her.....I mean, why is the man only giving me the evils.

I'm Charles and this is my daughter.....Leonie.

I squint at them, its like looking through a really dirty window. My memory is clogged but I seem to have misjudged these people as unknown. The girl whispers something in Charles' ear before he nods,


Her voice is really hoarse and anyone could tell that its pained, she nods curtly at the ground before taking off quickly down a hallway. We all turn back to Charles who shrugs quickly, all the while staring at me.

Leonie's P.O.V:

I don't know why he couldn't have told me earlier but thats it. The one person who has helped me through thick and thin has betrayed me for money, for more business, for more clients. An extra five idiotic clients! I'll work my ass off for ten years to pay the bills for how much money he will lose if he drops them for me. Btu he's having none of it so I nod before taking off. He has a look of pure curiousity on his face, he doesn't even recognise me! I take off down to board room A and leave the lights off. I sit at the first chair on the left hand side of the top chair and pull my legs up to my chin. I let the tears flow, I wail out in pain and misery. These walls are sound-proof as if we didn't build the mlike that, yo uwould be able to hear other meetings next door. I thrashed around in the spinny chair before giving up and pulling the swiss army knife out of my pocket. I keep it there for emergencies but right now I don't give two f**ks. I drag it across my right wrist a few times and lean back in the chair as the blood flows around my wrist.

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