The Singing Girl

Im Payton Currently 18. **Not Really** I Sing And Work At A Starbucks In Doncaster England. Blonde Hair Blue Eyes.


1. Rehersal

I Was In Starbucks Working But After My Shift Which End Like In 2 Minutes I Start To Reherse For Tonights Entertainment. One Direction My Favorite Band Was Going To Be There. AHHH!!!


Paytons POV:


*Ding* My Shift Was Finally Over!

I Went To Put The Closed Sign Up So Nobody Could Walk In While I Was Rehersing.

I Started To Sing My Heart Out " Putting My Defeses Up Cause I Dont Wanna Fall In Love. If I Ever Did That I Think I'd Have A Heart Attttaaaaackckck. Never Put My Love Out On The Line Never Said 'Yes' To The Right Guy. Never Had Trouble Getting What I Want, When It Comes To You Im Never Good Enough.Whenn I Dont Care I Can Play 'Em Like A Ken Doll. Dont Wash My Hair And Make It Bounce Like A Basketball. But You Make Me Wanna Act Like A Girl Paint My Nails And Wear High Heels, Yes You Just Make Me SO Nervous That I Just Cant Hold Your Hand." **Ding** I Didnt Bother To Stop I Figured It Was Lola So I Kept Going " You Make Me Glooooooow But I Cover Up Wont Let It Shoooooow So I'm Puttin' My Defenses Up Cause I Dont Wanna Fall In Love, If I Ever Did That I Think I'd Have A Heart Attttaaaaaaaaaaack, I Think I'd Have A Heart Attaaaacckkkkk I Think I'd Have A Heart Attack."

 I Open My Eyes To See Who Walked In. It Was Liam Payne And Harry Styles. ERMEGERD. They Started Clapping And I Suddenly Bursted In To Tears. They Walked Over And Asked What Was Wrong. I Explained " When I Was 11 You Were My Inspiration. When I Was 12 You Were What I Turned To When I Was Depressed. When I Was 13 Going Into Eigth Grade (<< I Spelled That Wrong) I Started Cutting I Decided That I Was Going To Commit Suacide. But Your Music Helped Me Power Through It. And I Just Love You Guys. And Yall Liking My Singing Just Makes Me So Happy." They Were Crying. Liam Spoke Up And Said " I Love You. And Youre Too Beautiful To Harm Yourself Like That.





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