True love never dies

Amy and Lex has done everything together throughout the years. They also happen to like the same band. Both girls a excited when the band is coming to England, and they both got tickets. In the hope of getting to know the stars, they cast a piece of paper on the stage with both their numbers.
But is that really what they want? Have they thought of everything that follows when you're friends with a celebrity?


1. Intro

I don’t know what made us so special. Why it was us who got to be the lucky girls. But we were. There must have been 1000 girls that night, and we where the lucky ones. We got to fulfill our dream. The dream we shared with so many people. I can’t say I wish it happened to another girl. It brought us many things – love, sorrow, happiness. I guess you can say we went through a little bit of everything. We learned, and we got hurt. All six of us.
But as so many poets say; true love never dies.

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