True love never dies

Amy and Lex has done everything together throughout the years. They also happen to like the same band. Both girls a excited when the band is coming to England, and they both got tickets. In the hope of getting to know the stars, they cast a piece of paper on the stage with both their numbers.
But is that really what they want? Have they thought of everything that follows when you're friends with a celebrity?


3. Chapter 2

“How do we get them to notice us? I mean, Tom is easy, just flash your boobs and he’s yours. But Bill will be a bit harder.” I laughed. “Lex, I’m not going to flash my boobs. I don’t want to be another one of his girls. We have no chances of coming backstage, and we don’t know which hotel they’re staying at… This could be a big problem.” She raised her eyebrows. “Oh really?” she said sarcastically, “we could… Run up on the stage?” I looked surprised at her. “Dude, no! Don’t you remember that girl who ran up on the stage, and tried to kiss Tom? He was in chock for a week! No way!” She crossed that option off on the list we had made. As I said, our obsession was a bit unhealthy. “How about writing a note or something?” She looked at me with hope in the eyes. That could be a really good idea. “That might be a really good idea! We just have to find something clever to write on that note…” We didn’t want to be like those small girls who were writing stupid things to their idols. It had to be something interesting. Something that would drag them towards us. “What about a ‘call us’ and our numbers?” She looked at me with a big smile. “Could work! Is that our plan?” We both nodded and smiled to each other. Now all we had to do was to cross our fingers. I’ve never looked forward to anything as much as I did to the concert. It would be the night of my life. I had never in my biggest dreams thought I would get to see the boys in real life. Every night I reconsidered my outfit for the day. It just had to be perfect. We had to look perfect. Or else we would have no chance of getting the boys attention. And finally that day came. Lex had slept at my place so that we could get ready together. My mom would drive us to the concert hall, and pick us up when the concert was over. We stood up, took a shower, and ate breakfast. My parents had prepared a big brunch for us (we had slept until 12.00), and greeted us with a big smile. “Are you ready girls?” my dad asked. We both nodded, and sat down by the table. We had never been more ready through all our lifes. We played Tokio Hotel’s music while we were getting ready. We put our clothes on and started doing our make-up. Lex loved to do make-up. She wanted to become a make-up artist, and had practiced since she was 12. Her mom helped her, the best she could – by being her doll. Lex always practiced on her mother. It felt like the time slowed down a thousand times. We just wanted to get off and see our boys. Finally we drove to the hall, and got in. We hurried in front. We were standing on the left side of the stage. The place where Tom always was standing. Perhaps he would grab the note we were going to cast up on the stage. My heart sped up when the light was turned off and music began playing. It was actually happening. Gustav went up to his drum set and Georg went unto the stage with his bass. I swear, my heart stopped for a moment, when Tom stepped unto the stage. He smiled, and looked at the audience. His eyes stopped at me for a moment, he smiled even more, and continued to look around. I couldn’t help but scream. “Amy, the note! The note!” Lex screamed in my ear. I felt stunned. Tom was so beautiful. His dreads was hidden under a cap as always, and he wore a white t-shirt. “THE NOTE!” Without being my self, I reached for the note in my pocket, folded it into a paper airplane, and cast it up on the stage. It hit Tom on the arm and he noticed. When the song was finished, he bent down and picked it up. He opened it, and read the text. I looked up at him, and felt like crying. He saw it! Our note! We actually had a chance of getting to know them! Lex hugged me, and I could feel her tears on my shoulders. I had never been so happy in all my life.
The concert was perfect. Tom looked at me, we had given them the note, and we had seen them in real life. Now all we had to do was wait for them to call one of us.


I woke up the next morning, and checked my cell phone as the first thing. No new calls. I felt disappointed. Maybe they weren’t going to call us. Right as I laid down the phone, it rang. With big hopes, I picked it up. “H-hallo?”
“AMY?!?! Have they called?!” I shoke my head, but then remembered she wasn’t able to see me. “Nope… Not me. How about you?” She sounded disappointed. “No… But I have one unanswered called. From a hidden number.” My heart missed a beat. “We have to be at our phones ALL the time! I have to hang up! Bye Amy!” She hung up, and I looked at my own. Still nothing new. In a way I was disappointed. What if they only wanted Lex? And not me? I looked down, and sat on the bed. It could be a possibility. As soon as I had thought that thought, I got a text message from Lex. “Come. Now!” Slowly I put on some jeans and a sweatshirt, and went downstairs to get some food. Then I headed against Lex’ house – it was right across the street. When she opened the door, she looked upset. “WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG?! COME HERE! NOW!” She pulled me inside and showed me her phone, “DO YOU SEE THIS?!” It was a text message. “Hey. We tried calling, but you did not answer the phone. Could you ring us back?” None of us knew the number. “Well… Should we call them back?” She raised her eyebrows. “Are you CRAZY?! Of course we have to call them back! It could be Bill! Or Tom! Come on, Amy!” We went into her room, and tried to call the number. Whoever it was, took her/his time to answer the phone. And when they did answer, both our hearts skipped a beat. 

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