True love never dies

Amy and Lex has done everything together throughout the years. They also happen to like the same band. Both girls a excited when the band is coming to England, and they both got tickets. In the hope of getting to know the stars, they cast a piece of paper on the stage with both their numbers.
But is that really what they want? Have they thought of everything that follows when you're friends with a celebrity?


2. Chapter 1

We had been best friends for several years. We did everything together. I got my first piercing with her. We went to our first concert together. We started playing the same instrument at the same time. We even got our first kisses at the same time. It may seem a bit crazy. Even monozygotic twins do a lot of things separated. But we didn’t. And we weren’t family, even though it felt like it. Most important, we liked the same band. Good thing we didn’t like the same guy. We had never tried being so different before. She liked the front singer – Bill. A dark looking guy, with the biggest hair I’ve ever seen. I liked the guitarist – Tom. More the hip hop kind of guy. Big clothes and darkblond dreadlocks. I guess you can say our obsession got a little over hand – pretty unhealthy actually. But we loved the boys. Even though we never met them, we loved them. We knew everything about them, and would do anything for them. We followed them online, and always listened to their music. And of course we went crazy when we heard they were touring in England. We just had to go. There was no discussion. Our parents were a bit insecure. They had never let us do anything like that before. But we talked them into it, and they bought the tickets. We were over excited. It was our big dream coming true. Maybe we would meet them! If we looked good enough, was standing in front. Maybe one could be pulled up on the stage! Our dreams had no boundaries. We went shopping for outfits with our friend, Dave. He was a bit homosexual and many people didn’t like him. That’s why he ended up with us. We were known as the weirdoes at our school. Both of us wore very dark make-up and a different kind of clothes. What a lot of people would call emo. But we didn’t care – we had our boys, and that what was meant the world to us. 

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