Another fanfic about Niall:)) Hope this is good for all you Niall girls out there. I know I'll try to make it good, but I usually screw all my Movellas up and then I never finish them... I know this one'll get finished. I have an idea for it. Don't worry about it if it gets a little confusing, it'll all play out. Don't worry, sometimes you just have to Breathe;)


2. Rewrite


Let me just begin this by telling you this is a rewrite of that last chapter. I don't like the way it turned out and I want to redo it.

Let me also tell all those people out there.. I am SO disappointed. I-I just have no words for this... Wow. Those Directioners that crashed Greg's wedding, you, just, wow. Niall and the other boys work SO HARD to go on tours and write music, record music, get their CD's out, to go on tours, meet and greets, see fans backstage, have twitters, go to interviews, update and tell you guys about things, make a charity video. Isnt all that enough? You guys can meet them anywhere else. Any time else. I feel like screaming. Screaming my heart out. How could you guys purposely crash a family moment? And ask them for pictures?!

Want to know something that happened?! Do you want to know what all this caused?! Well, just so you know, Niall locked himself in the church's bathroom and cried. He cried for a long time. He thinks it was his fault, thinks he ruined the whole memory. He thinks it ruined the whole wedding.

They ran down the isle and screamed while Denise and Greg were saying their vows? How LOW it that? I can just tell you one thing, this makes me just want to delete my Movella account. Delete all the stories. I hope you guys are happy, those of you who crashed the wedding. You made Niall cry, he's MAD. You made Greg mad. Paul's mad. Most of the other Directioners are MADDER than ANYTHING.

And I understand. How could someone do that? What those boys do is work enough. They deserve some time alone without fans to be with their family. It ruined the wedding, and now everyone's upset. I hope Greg and his wife are happy, and I hope they are together many years.

I also hope Niall is okay. I hope he doesn't take this so hard on himself. Right now he's blaming himself. He's crying. He feels terrible.

There's only one thing to say about this: Everyone is ashamed.

I hope you guys are all happy with yourselves now..

I love One Direction. I'm their biggest fan, and I knew about the wedding, but I have NEVER thought about crashing a special event such as this. It made them all upset.

I don't think I'll be on for a while.

Just let this all sink in. Keep commenting... I'll try to get them all.... Just let this news sink in...

Feel better Niall and all of the Horans.

I'm sorry Niall that this happened.

I'm sorry Greg. Im sorry Denise.

I'm sorry to everyone who had to attend the wedding and see it get ruined. I am so upset with those Directioners right now.

Just let this all sink in..

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