Another fanfic about Niall:)) Hope this is good for all you Niall girls out there. I know I'll try to make it good, but I usually screw all my Movellas up and then I never finish them... I know this one'll get finished. I have an idea for it. Don't worry about it if it gets a little confusing, it'll all play out. Don't worry, sometimes you just have to Breathe;)


1. Chapter 1

I grabbed a can of Pepsi and walked into the livingroom, my whole family was littered there. We were having an 'End Of Summer' party, and I couldnt invite any of my friends this year. Another boring day... Spending time with family members I didnt even know were still here... I'm glad they are, dont get me wrong, but just sometimes I like to spend time with the people that I know for a fact still exist. I sipped slowly from the can, slirping to make an extra noise as I walked into the living room more. 

Eyes fell on me as I sat down, taking a bite out of a cracker. 

"Hello." I say, and a few people wave to me. My mum stares daggers at me, and for, like, the third time today, I have no clue what I did wrong. "What? I'm being nice." I mock tone my mum's voice from earlier. She scolded me to be nice, to let them poke and pinch and insult. Well, sure, that sounds fun. Miserable... miserable fun...

"Not really. Put the soda down and socialize. You havent seen these guys in forever." My mum says, pushing my feet off the table with her hand, in a disgusted gesture. "And keep your feet off my furniture." She chirps. I roll my eyes and set  the can down, looking each family member in their eyes before landing on my cousin, Collin. 

"Sup, bro?" He asks, and I nod. Nothing more. I dont ever talk to these people, well, Collin as an exception. We've always talked. Him and a few other family members I dont hate. My sister, my other cousin, and... well, thats it. We're the four you know always hang out. He motions towards the other two and then towards the door, and I nod. He wants to get my sister and my other cousin and go outside.

"Mum, we'll be outside." I say, and she smiles.

"Are you taking the dog out?" She asks, and I roll my eyes.

"No." I say, and it's her turn to roll her eyes. 

"Come on, Kendal. Take the dog out." She says, and her eyes mean business. I grab the leash from it's hook and go in search of my dog, Timber. He's a husky, and he thinks it's a game to open my windows and hide under my bed. Sometime's he jumps out of my window and into the neighbor's yard. The neighbor never sees him go into his yard though, we get him back before he can. 

I step into my mum's room and look around. Nothing under her bed. I look into the closet, pillows and blankets were scattered there. They were in there because it's been summer for maybe a week now, and it gets really hot in Ireland. Sometimes. My mum is planning on moving to London, and I dont want to. This town we live in, Mullingar, is perfect. I like it. Not too big, not too small. Somewhere right in the middle, which is perfect.

"Timber! Timber!" I call my dog's name, but there's still nothing. He must be in my room. Hopefully I locked my window... I dont even know how he gets them opened. Dogs are stupid. Well, all you have to do is push them and they open without too much force, but I'm sure he's not exactly dog-einstein. I dont think he could figure it out without watching someone do it first. And, he always hangs out in my room, I'm sure he's seen me open it. 

I walk past the door to my room, and instantly my gaze flicks over to the window. It's closed. He might not be in here either. I let out a piercing whistle and I can hear the dog's protest. He whimpers from underneath my bed. I knew it. He's always hated it when people whistle. Most dogs too. People say they hear on a better wavelength than us, that they can pick up noises we cant. That they can hear ghosts, and that whistling and whispering hurts their ears. But, it's the best way for me to find Timber, and I'm going to use it whenever I can. I let out one more whistle and I hear Timber bark this time, bursting out from underneath my bed. I giggle when he runs straight over to me, hopping into my arms. 

"Down boy." I say, and he instantly jumps down and sits. "Good. Stay." I say, walking over to him. He's a few steps away. But as soon as I'm about to get the leash hooked on him, he bolts the other way. Towards my window... I yelp, thinking he was coming towards me at first, but then notice what he's going to do.

"Timber! No, stop! Timber! Get back here! Naughty!" I yell, running towards him. But it's too late.. He gets over to the window and burts through it. I gasp as glass litters the floor. That stupid mutt broke my window this time! I latched it shut and he breaks it! Is this what I get? I feel a few glass pieces sting at my arms, and I know there's a little blood. 

As if to make matters worse, the neighbor's son is outside. Taking his own dog out. Oh no. I race forward, hopping over as much glass as possible, crying out when I step on a big piece. It went through my shoe... My foot is going to need stitches, I can feel it. I climb out my window, following Timber who's already dead-sprinting over to their house. The neighbor's son takes notice, and runs to get his own dog, who was only a few feet in front of him. Too late...

Timber jumps over top of the smaller dog, landing in front of him. I close my eyes, fearing the worst, and I hear the boy call out to me. I open my eyes and keep running. 

"Timber! Stop! Get back here!" I yell, hoping it calms anybody down. But, my dog continues his rampage, over to the blonde boy. Well, almost blonde. There's a bit of brown underneath his hair, it tells me he's been dying his hair blonde. That's dangerous, bleaching your hair. It could kill your hair... 

I shake my head away from those thoughts. If Timber attacks that boy.... Oh....

"Timber! Stop!" I continue to yell as the boy runs towards his dog, scooping it up.

"Control that dog of yours, please!" He yells over to me, and I show a thumbs up. Not really much more I can do, pal. I'm so tempted to jump over there onto their property and run at Timber. No, I do.

I jump over the small fence they have there, to keep their dog in I'm sure, and race off towards Timber. He's running back at me. This isnt a movie, he'll run full-force at me, and more than likely knock me down. But, I'm smarter than him. I hope. As soon as he gets over here, I jump out of his way, bolting the other direction. He almost runs into the fence before he turns and chases me this way. My plan is to tire him out.

"Need help?" I hear the blonde haired boy say, walking out towards me. I probably look like a freak. Hair blowing in every direction, eyes wildly looking for my dog, jumping here and there to get my dog...

"Please?" I accept, and he walks over. His blue eyes are shining. 

"I have to deal with my brother's dog. All the time." He says, an Irish accent lifting to my ears with delight. HIs eyes are blue with green on the inside. I've never seen that before.



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