The Invisible Girl

Me being the invisible girl, I tried to describe myself in this poem. Hope you like it.


1. The Invisible Girl

Dark clouds are up in the sky
There are tears in my eyes
My lungs hurt, it's hard to breathe
I think my time has come
As the rain is pouring down
I'm walking down the empty streets
There's no one to hold my hand
No one to help me
I'm an invisible girl 
Living in the lonely world
No love my heart has
It's full of pain

I'm an invisible girl
Fighting the cruel world
But I'm running out of blood
I'm losing the war, it's harder to survive

I'm looking through the thick clouds
Will the sun shine
And light up my day
When they fade away

Old photos are on the table
The voices are scraming to me
They all left, you're alone, you're alone
You're the invisible girl

I close my eyes
Waiting for the sun to shine on me
Thoughs are in my head
Slowly killing my brain
I'm about to escape the world
As one last thought runs through my mind
Will they realise I'm gone
Will they miss me
Wind blows my hair
And I realise I know the answer
I should never forget that I'm an invisible girl,
I don't exsist in their world.

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