boo bears sis

1D fan fic sorry for the spelling mistakes. Louis little sister Marie has lost kontakct with him after he got famous she is mobbed at school again and ther parents have just intressed in money.....
Marie have never actually mett the lads because she is afraid they will think she is a failyer or that she was ugly to be the sis of ger bro..
what happends when Louis try to take care if her again??


1. wow


Marie's P.O.V

"Louis, mom wants to talk to" I yelled up the stairs. That was the moste I talked to him these day's. mostely we were silent or he wasent home at all and that was before he got fames. Averything seemed to go so slow. Speaking of slow were is he. I bett he was on the phone with the lads or a girl, hopefully El. She was beautiful and one time she couth me string at her and tought i was a fan then my brother came in and saw here staring at me and told that i was his little sis. After that she has tried to talk to me, but I'm shy and ugly so I think she just is polite.

I went up stairs and nocked on Lou's door. "WHAT!!!" He yelled through the door. " The lads are here what do you want" He yelled again. Shit, the lads was here what was I going to say. It was to late he had opend the door, but when he saw it was me he cloosed it behind him. He knew that I was shy. " what do you want??" he asked in a hash tone. "Mom wants to talk to you" I anserd low. "ugh, alright then" he said looking down. I understudd whay he was looking down, i knew alredy what mom and dad was going to say...


Louis' P.O.V

I heard Marie yelling at me,but I did not care right now. I was henging out with the lads. it was along time ago sins last we just talked. It was good. it was only one thimg or should i say person that i missed. "Lou who was it that yelled, I don't think I have heard it before" Harry said with curiosity in his voice. "It was one of my sisters" I answerd with sadness in my voice. the others looked strange at me. "She is totaly diferent then me" I started, but got interuptet by a knock. good I didn't want to explain it eny one, not even my best mates. "WHAT"I yelled through the door"the lads are here" i yelled again and went to open the door, when I did I regretted it immediately. it was Marie infront of me, so I closed the door quickly. " what do you want" I said in a hash tone that I have bin used a lot lately against her. not on perpes. "mom wants to talk to you" she almoste mumbeling. "ugh, alright then" Isaid and looked down. I think we bouth know what they are going to ask me about. Money. they alwas ask me for money.


I went down stair to finde juste a note. the note simpely said that they had left fore a long time with everyone but me and Marie.



Maries P.O.V

Lou came in to my room with a note and told me what it said, I was in shock, I really didn't know what to do...

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