Life's Lament


3. Chapter 3

I have watched that child for so long. I have watched him have a loving childhood, grow up smiling, watched him being so happy-but watching in silent, calm despair at the same time. I am watching him now, as he starts to collect his things from the library and sets off down the dark streets, with a smile on his face. I look at that face. Nothing could be more innocent and radiant. He turns into a street, where his parents house is, probably excited to greet them. I follow him. Something's wrong. It's too quiet. Far too quiet. He notices it too, and his smile instantly fades. We walk into the house cautiously and look around, before turning to the largest room on the ground floor. The boy stops immediately. There is a man in a black mask, standing over his parents who are cowering on the floor. The man has a thick black gun in his hand and is pointing it to their terrified faces. 

"What the hell is this?" The boy asks in disbelief. The masked man brings up the gun to point it at the boy but he doesn't flinch. "Take what you want," the boy says smoothly ",just leave them alone." The masked man doesn't say a word but cocks his gun with a clear click. The mother screams and lurches forward towards the masked man. He hits her across the face with the gun violently then shoots her in the forehead. She drops down lifelessly. The husband and the boy scramble forward at the same time, but the masked gunman shoots the father then turns and runs, sprinting out the window into the night. The boy breathes dangerously quickly as he approaches his parents. The closer he gets, the quicker his breathing becomes until he's screaming and crying and sobbing and wailing at the same time. I bite down on the tears welling up inside me and move towards the dying souls. They're almost there. The boy clutches his parents hands and screams with streaming eyes. I try not to look at his face and block the horrible, animal sounds he is making. I gently take the souls into my arms and stand up, turning away from their bodies and child. As I walk away, I look back once. The boy is looking straight at me, although I know he can't. But I see hatred. Burning hatred. Sorrow turned to agony turned to hate. This is truly when my killer is born.   I hand over the souls into his waiting arms and watch as they sigh into him before disappearing. Heavy silence hangs between us. "This is the last time." He murmurs quietly. "What is he like now?" I breathe out heavily "Worse. The hatred and anger just...emanates from him so much. He has established himself at the top." I swallow "It is a matter of days." He moves forward and brings his hand up, holding my face in his palm. I immediately tense as the tight, rushing feeling grips me.  "It isn't your fault." I look up to see him smiling at me with such sadness in his eyes.  "But it's my fault." I whisper brokenly.  He strokes a thumb across my cheek "No. It isn't. Life is always compassionate, isn't she?" His mouth pulls down "You cannot be sorry for who you are." Tears escape down my face "But I don't want everyone to die. I don't want you to die." I wish he would pull me into his arms, but he can't. It hurts. "My dear, it is what it is. You can't change that." I pull away from his touch "And you're just going to give up?!" He just watches me, his handsome face serene and sad.  "I'm not." I say with realisation "I am not going to give up." Then I turn and run.   "Sorry." I say, as I accidentally knock into a passer by. They ignore me and walk on. It's weird getting used to being in human form now. I walk purposefully to the regal room and press an ear against it. Silence. I push open the door gently and step in, looking around. "May I help you?" He asks. He is sitting in a chair, gazing at some papers. I walk over and occupy the seat opposite. He doesn't protest.  "Don't." I tell him simply. He arches an eyebrow "Excuse me?" I lean over "Don't do it. Don't kill. You don't have to do this." He frowns "I'm sorry, but who are you?" "Someone who knows." He laughs grimly "I don't need this." I'm getting desperate "I know. I know about your parents. I know how it hurts. I know the agony. And I know this isn't the way to avenge it." He leans back "Get out." "Will you not even consider?!" He glares at me "I don't need to listen to the rambling of a madwoman. I don't know how you know about my parents, and frankly, I don't care." His hand reaches down quickly then flicks back up, holding a gun.  "Now I told you to get out." My heart sinks.  "Please." I beg.  He grabs me roughly and pushes me to the door. "Get...out." I hear thundering footsteps and snap my head towards the sound. I can't let this body die. Ripping my arm out of his grip, I sprint towards the window then throw the body out. As it sails into the air, I let go of it, but not before I leave in some Life for the girl. She deserves to live. My true form hits the floor, and stays there. I, on the other hand, don't deserve to live.
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