Life's Lament


2. Chapter 2 (Maybe)

I shouldn't be here. But I am. I peer over the nurses shoulder to get a better glance at the heavily pregnant woman laid out on the bed. I don't usually turn up for these events, but I felt like a change for once. It happens so often one would think that one would grow tired of it so soon. But this is not the case, every single minute of every single event is special. I stand solitarily in the corner of the too clean smelling room and watch as everyone bustles about, fussing over the woman. It has been 4 hours now, and still counting, but I'm not bored. The best part is to come and soon, I can feel it. The birth of life itself, that's special, a treasured moment. No wonder so many humans love it. There is a sudden beeping and alarms sounding. This isn't supposed to be happening. I snap my eyes to the machines then back to the woman. Her face is scrunched in pain but I see despair as well, I see it in the man beside her bed too. Then I sense it. Everything is going wrong, pulling away, and quickly. I move closer, this definitely isn't supposed to be happening. I glance at the humans terrified faces then make up my mind.Closing my eyes,  I start to fight the pull of the life draining and bring it back slowly. This isn't right, it shouldn't be pulling so hard. My core hurts as I bring the being slowly back to life, my insides screaming out against it.
Stop it.
I keep pulling.
Stop it!
I can't stop now, I have to bring it back. For them.
Something in me snaps and I let go quickly, panting heavily. But it's okay, I can sense the life being born now. It's okay. But it's not quite right. I open up my eyes to see him there, staring at me in open horror.
"What have you done?!" He says in despair. 
I glance at the humans, then back at him. I'm confused, he has never been this upset. 
"You don't meddle in matters of Death! In my matters!" He cries, his face contorted in shock. 
His being here hurts, it always does when we're close. I swallow down the hurt bitterly and gesture to the humans.
"They wanted a child for so long...I thought I could grant them that."
He puts his head in his hands and I want to reach out to comfort him but I can't. I know he is making a special exception for this case, but I can't understand why.
"This child..." he says in a quiet, numb voice "...was never supposed to be born. Despite what the humans want, you know we have to deal with that."
Fear starts building up in me "Why isn't the child supposed to be born?"
He looks up at me "This the destruction of humanity itself."
Disbelief washes through me. The destruction of humanity. Bloodshed, terror, Death. Too much Death means no more Life. No more us. No more anything. I look at the innocent humans, smiling lovingly at the terror they have created, that I have let them create. I, Life, have sown the seed of all Death. 

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