Life's Lament


1. Chapter 1

The soul feels light and wispy in my arms as I carry it down into the darkness. It sighs a little and moves, and I shift my arms to hold it safer. Poor thing. This soul is calm and unknowing. The ones that aren't, who know they are leaving, thrash and wail in my arms. I end up with a lot of injuries, crying silently while the soul howls in despair. It's not fair, they say. I can hardly say, I never am. It's not up to me though, it's what I was created to do, it's the way the world works. I can see him now, his dark figure lit up by the glow emanating from me. He turns, his dark eyes flickering to mine, then to the soul, then back to me. He comes to stand in front of me.
"Is it still alive?" He asks,  gazing at it in sympathy.
I nod, as it moves again, in slight pain. I make sure to remove the pain, a soul like this shouldn't have to suffer. He reaches out to take it but I flinch back. 
"A bit longer." I whisper, holding it closer to me. The soul shines a little bit brighter, like a star sighing it's last breath. I take away it's pain, I'm merciful this time. But I know it's time, I can't do this forever. My heart aches as I lift up the soul for him to take. He slips his arms under the soul, scooping it into his arms and cradling it against his chest. This is where Life and Death meet. This is the only place we can. The soul resists a little but he kisses it slightly on the forehead, and it relaxes. The soul of the child dulls into him until it disappears completely and there's no trace of it ever being. Then he looks at me. This is always the most painful. I press a fist into my chest to stop the hurt....the overwhelming hurt. Wordlessly, he leans his face into mine and kisses my cheek tenderly. The sense of his touch washes through me and before I know it, I throw my arms around his neck, pressing into him. He holds me back for a short while, then gently pushes me away. 
"You have to go." He says, the side of his mouth pulling down. And I do, I can feel the pull of the souls, my duty, hooking into me, taking over me. We're not touching anymore, we can't. I feel a hot tear run down my cheek and nod, before turning back to the light, to where I'm supposed to belong. 
"I love you." I hear him say, faint. I turn to look back, and he's standing there. He looks so lonely. Dark, inviting, scary but so lonely it feels like its choking him.
I attempt a smile, I have to keep positive for him.
"I love you too." I answer back quietly, before turning back and walking through the darkness quicker. How is it that something like me is in love with something like him? It seems impossible, but it's real, so real it's blinding. It seems to be the world's joke, that Life fell in love with Death. They can never be together. As long as one of them lives, so does the other. We cannot exist without each other but we cannot be together, ever. It's the world's cruel joke, but it's real. It's real.

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