Hitler the Vampire

Hitler the evil German who changed history. But who is he really??
This is the scary version of Hitler- he's a crazy bloodthirsty vampire who is out for Jewish blood!!!


1. who and why

I'm Hitler.And i'm a vampire.I'm sure you've heard of the first and second world war- well i was in both, so was my parents. They were the unlucky ones;a British slayer dusted them as we call it- i should know i was there; it was kind of a give and take situation mum killed his brother he killed her- dad killed his daughter he killed my dad. I was only 106 years old as i was transformed in the 1800's i was 34-yes we do look older in time so you must think by now i will look about 50!The second world war was because of him. I Bled his children dry first so he knew i was coming;  then came him i transformed him with pleasure after that i hung him upside-down - he liked it. After he became one off us he forgot all about his human life so he had no feelings for any of the rest of people he used to love. Just for fun- just to see if he had forgot his human life a capture his wife and put her in him room. She screamed she was pregnant i didn't believe at first neither did he! he ran his finger (that was very sharp because he was a vampire) and slit her open from neck to waist she screamed like a little girl that was the part i love the part where they scream their sorry or  they surrender.He pulled the baby out looked at it nearly ripped  its throat out she screamed again begging him to stop- he hit her hard across the face.i told him to leave the child i'll tend to it i rushed over and picked it up i transformed it- it all happened at once the child went through childhood in a matter of seconds. because children cant handle the secret that is keeping them alive the body turns the mind into a fourteen year old's and the bodies in to fourteen's. it was a girl she picked her own name joan- not a nice one i have to admit. Her farther  had fed on her mother. So much there was not even a single drop of blood left in her limp body! He must have been very hungry.










































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