my incounter with slender man

title says it all!


3. slendys got me!

He was in the the house when i turned the corner. Great just great now im runing for my life pleading he won't catch me and i guess there was a stupid tree root because i triped on it and fell face flat into a deep muddy puddle great now im going to be killed and my cloths are a gross mess. He came out of the house and picked me up with his tentical and carried me away back deep into the creepy woods and down to where he lives. Well i had just enough time to run away when he turned around so i took my chance and ditched the creepy killer and ran. I didnt care what way i ran a just cared about getting out! lucky for me because i actually got out of the woods "sigh" and ran all the way home when i got inside my house i locked the the back door and the front door and every window and closed every curtan and sat on the couch turned on the t.v and put it to treehouse i was that scared and fell asleep.

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