One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


12. t w e l v e

~Jennifer's POV~


The jet landed early in the morning, around 3 a.m., and nobody was at the airport to pick us up, as we were told. Modest! directed us to surprise the boys - and the fans - with a special appearance at their next concert. Modest! had also set up disguises for us on the plane and reserved a room in the hotel the boys were also staying at.

Our disguises were quite uncomfortable, in all honesty. Eleanor said her short blond wig didn't match her skin tone and made her look like a regular girl. The point is to look normal, I wanted to scream at her, but kept my cool because I also didn't like the way my black and frizzy wig appeared. After adjusting our make up and outfits in the airport bathroom, we found ourselves a taxi as transportation to the hotel.

When we arrived to the hotel, it had been brighter outside than when El and I landed, letting us know that people were up and working and the boys were probably in their room or trying to eat. I suddenly didn't mind her presence after a while of her sharing stories on her mornings when Louis was off of tour and took breaks; it was nice to know how the real Louis was like. I couldn't help but envy her and her perfect life, so simple and sweet and unknowing, she really was a nice girl.

We reached our room, absentmindedly, and immediately knew that the boys were staying next to us from the looks of bodyguards on either side of their door. El and I exchanged glances before entering the cozy suite. The smell of fresh coffee ground filled my nostrils, though no one else had been in the room with coffee at the moment.

"The smell reminds me of Starbucks, want some?" Eleanor asked me. I wanted to refuse, but I didn't want to be stuck in the room all day.

I stopped her from leaving, "I'll get it, you stay here and set up the place for us. Think of it as an excuse to take off the wig." I smirked and took the room key from her hands, making my way back down to the lobby, where I had seen a Starbucks located earlier.

The wait line wasn't long and business hadn't been wild, because people had places to be and the fans were not allowed in the hotel due to the presence of the boys. In fact, one of the boys was sitting in a lounge chair at the barren cafe, reading a newspaper article. I didn't see the story, afraid of having to speak to the boy about security issues and mistaking me for a fan. Instead, I ordered Eleanor's usual drink, a vente skinny vanilla latte, and a tall peppermint mocha for me.

I waited for the drinks and noticed that the boy was Louis, just my luck, I thought. He hadn't noticed me yet, until I thanked the lady for the drinks and bumped my hip into his chair. Much to my distaste, I mentally face-palmed myself, knowing I had just caused an uproar into more Louis and Jennifer drama.

"Better watch it, Ms. uh..." Louis looked me up and down before closing the newspaper and discarding my sunglasses and wig, "Ms. Jennifer." His smirk filled my stomach with butterflies and I bit my lip.

Although it had been a complete accident to bump into the chair, I was somehow happy he spoke to me, "Just the guy I didn't need to see." I laughed awkwardly.

"Oh? And why's that?" He stuffed my horrible disguise in the recycle bin, for an unknown reason, and walked with me to the elevator.

I huffed and thought about and answer, "Because we were supposed to surprise you at tonight's concert."

"We?" He cocked his eyebrow.

"Eleanor and I." My voice showed no emotion, because I didn't need to look weak in front of Louis right now.

He looked down at his boat shoes, "Oh."

The elevator finally opened up as we stopped the conversation, letting us ride in an awkward silence. We had just stepped in the elevator when he spoke again, "Why is she here?"

"Two reasons; One. she is your girlfriend, and Two. she's here to stop Larry rumors." I giggled at the way I said Larry, in a loving tone.

He let out a small chuckle, "Oh, you've heard of Larry, too? Wow, it's everywhere I go. I just can't get away from something so little that it's not even a big deal."

"Well, I think it's adorable." I smiled, while we met each other's eyes.

He coughed awkwardly before responding, "I think you're adorable."

I didn't respond, my mind kicked into panic mode and the rest of my body shut down. For once in my life, I was lost, and the only person who made me this was Louis Tomlinson. Liam always made me feel like I've found things in life, he kept me whole; but Louis was all over the place, sending mixed signals and such.

As I felt him lean into me, I stepped back slowly, not wanting to alarm him that he made the wrong decision by attempting to kiss me. Also, I'm pretty sure my mind was telling me that I wanted to kiss him too, but I never listened to myself i these situations. I'm tired of running, I just want to stay here in this elevator forever, and we basically did. Before Louis was an inch away from my face, the elevator stopped two below our floor, with the power going out.

He went in for the kiss again before his phone buzzed from a text. He answered it quickly and tried once more before I asked, diverting from another attempt to kiss me, who texted him and what happened.

He pushed himself up from the wall of the elevator that he trapped me in, "Zayn was just texting and saying that some fans shut off the power in the middle of them playing FIFA; Niall was defeating Harry. I didn't say you were with me, but I said I was stuck in the elevator."

"I should probably tell El that She'll be waiting a while longer for her coffee, then." I sighed, sliding to the ground and placing the coffee of both sides of me, and get my phone out to text El.

Jennifer: Stuck in the elevator. I guess some fans took out the power. Sorry about your coffee :c

Eleanor: I didn't need it that bad, I hope you're okay! Xx

Jennifer: I'll survive, I guess.

"What's she saying? Did you tell her you saw me? Did you tell her that you'll be here a while?" Louis hit me with questions from every direction as he sat down in front of me. I showed him our three message conversation to shut him up.

We sat in silence a while longer, my phone was about to die so I shut it off a while ago, preventing me from seeing the time. Louis didn't touch his phone since Zayn texted him, though I doubt he'd want to check the time, he was too busy loving that fact that he could make me squirm just by breathing next to me. I didn't mind his presence after a couple of minutes, I guess I should let him know that he shouldn't have an effect on me.

How much longer would this take, the fighting about what was going on between us? I didn't like anyone to be mad at me when I haven't done a wrong thing. I just wanted everything to stop; the bickering, the silence, the mixed signals that we set each other.

He scooted closer to me, letting me know all I needed at the moment. I set my head on his shoulder, and he placed his head on mine. It was an instant connection on the both of us, I knew he felt the same as I did. It wasn't hatred, dislike, or even regular like. It was something more and I didn't want to let it happen, but something had to.

The silence was raging through the elevator, screaming at us with anger. I couldn't take it anymore, it has been eating my soul for two weeks now, and I let it slip from my tongue after staying quiet this whole time. Those three words could cause and uproar in their fandom, but I didn't care,  what I said was true.

"I love you." And his lips crashed to mine. Though it may seem fake, I liked to say that the fireworks and sparks from that kiss has the energy to power back up the electricity to let us go our separate ways.

Our kiss stopped short when the elevator ringed, signalling that we reached the designated floor, but it was too late for it to go unnoticed. Niall and Harry were bickering in the hallway, but saw just enough of the kiss to get us both in trouble.

To our surprise, the two boys didn't seem to take it as awkward as Louis and I felt, they just acted like it was normal. They were smiling, actually, but this made me even more confused than I already was.

"Jennifer!" The boys sang as they engulfed me into a three-way group hug.

I was taken aback, slightly, "Did you not notice or..?" I trailed off, confused enough as it was.

"Yeah, we noticed. We know everything, actually, the whole Louis and Jennifer thing." Niall said casually.

"Haha, funny story it's actually the reason Liam asked you out!" Harry beamed, but Niall smacked his shoulder at the last sentence.

My confusion dropped to sadness, "What?"

My dreams warned me about this, why am I so surprised? That I didn't really think it was true? The only difference was that Eleanor hadn't been crying because they didn't break up. I didn't know what I was feeling at that moment, in all honesty, I just wanted to fall apart and die. The only thing right in my life had to be taken from me once more.

I didn't want to believe it, what Harry had said, but it dwelled in my mind for quite a while until they tried to keep me from zoning out in my thoughts. It didn't help that I told Louis that I loved him just now, but my whole new relationship was a lie. It started out as one, but when Liam had really asked me to be his, I thought it was legit.

My life is built on a mountain of big, fat lies, I whispered to myself as I walked into the hotel room with out the three boys with me in the hallway previously. It was true, everything in my life always lead with a lie; and I guess Liam was part of my life again, adding to the lies.

My memory from all that happened the past couple of weeks had controlled my thoughts, and I started to pick out all of the lies. I was starting to realize all the signs, everything my dreams warned me about.

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