One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


3. t h r e e

~Liam's POV~


I woke up, uncomfortably, mind you as I had slept on the couch. I didn't want to wake up, it felt like I only slept for 10 minutes.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty." Jennifer jolted my body.

"What time is it?" My voice was gravelly.

"Quarter till noon. You slept for over twelve hours." She laughed and walked over to the kitchen counter, where she had two mugs of tea ready, "Since you over slept, I figured we could have a lazy day until you have to go get ready for tonight's concert." She handed me the other mug she had brought over to the couch. I sat up straight and Jennifer sat next to me.

"So, what has happened over the past few years?" I started.

"I became an actress, as you know, and starred in a few movies. You?"

"When we broke up, I saw this woman in the crowd. She was absolutely beautiful and I had no choice but to talk to her - I made the mistake of telling Harry and he shouted it in the microphone. We were together for a really long time. We were separated for the month of November because she was getting hate from the fans and now, it feels like she's gone forever." I explained.

"Danielle?" She breathed. If I spoke, I would've cried; so I just nodded wearily. By this time, she had finished her tea and I didn't even take a sip. Jennifer got up from the couch and washed out her mug whilst I stayed on the couch, not moving a muscle.

"Well," I looked at the clock, "I should probably get ready." I stood up from the couch and walked into the washroom. I took a shower and got ready for the day by getting dressed in a pair of denim jeans, a blue shirt and laced up my shoes.

"Care to join me and the lads for rehearsal and the concert tonight?" I stood up from the ground, "You can stay backstage with Eleanor and Perrie."

"What kind of fake girlfriend would I be if I didn't go?" She joked and went to get dressed. She came out ten minutes later wearing light washed denim shorts and a white top with a One Direction logo on the front; as usual, she looked perfect.

"Let's go, the tour bus is waiting for us." I reached my hand out and she eagerly took it. She lead me to the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby. When we reached the landing, Jennifer almost bumped into someone as we stepped out from the elevator.

I quickly pulled her outside so the paparazzi wont capture an embarrassing photo of Jennifer. When we got out of the glass double doors, we were not bombarded by paparazzi this time. Which made it easier to get inside the tour bus and greeted all the boys and the girls.

"Jennifer, we are so glad you could make it." Eleanor and Perrie squealed and gave Jennifer a long, lingering hug in the living room part of the bus.

"I'm glad I decided to come." Jennifer smiled at me. Her smile was dazzling and made her stand out from anyone else.

"Well then, let's get going." Louis announced and the tour bus started moving.

"So, what'd you do yesterday?" Harry smirked and didn't bother to whisper it.

I shrugged and Zayn decided to open his mouth, "They slept together!"

"No, no! Actually sleeping!" I panicked as everyone was staring at us. The girls were trying not to laugh and Jennifer's cheeks were a deep red while the boys were joking around.

"Sure." Harry winked and Jennifer got up from next to me and hit his knee.

"Ouch!" He screeched as the girls snickered together.

The tour bus stopped slowly. The lads and I looked outside the window and found that we were at the back entrance of the O2 arena in London.

We crept in backstage and met Lou, our makeup and hair dresser, in the dressing room.

"Afternoon, boys." Lou smiled with Lux coming over to hug us, well mostly Harry.

"Hey Lux!" Harry picked her up and swung her around, her giggles echoed around the room.

"Sorry for the cancelled concert yesterday, boys. Lux had a fever and I couldn't get Sam to drive up to take care of her." Lou apologized and sat the boys and I at the chairs to get us ready for the concert.

"Would you girls mind helping?" Lou looked hopeful at Eleanor, Perrie, Jennifer and Sam as they all nodded. Lou took over Harry's makeup, El beautified Louis, Perrie styled Zayn's hair like he instructed her to, Sam helped with Niall's image, and Jennifer had to help with my makeup.

When the girls were done with our make up, the lads and I changed from our street clothes and into our tour clothes. While we were finishing up, our opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer, was finishing their performance.

"Done! Boys, you look fabulous!" Lou squealed and high fived the other girls. The boys and I got up and and headed towards the stage entrance.

The music begun as we bounced around on the stage and I began singing, "It feels like we've been living in fast forward; another moment passing by."

"U-u-up all night!" The lads and I sang in unison.

"The party's ending, but it's now or never. Nobody's going home tonight." I started again.

"U-u-up all night!"

"Katy Perry's on replay, she's on replay. DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake. People going all the way, yeah all the way. I'm still wide awake!" Harry sung ad hit every note perfectly.

"I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun! I wanna stay up all night and find a girl and tell her she's the one. Hold on to the feeling and don't let it go, cuz we got the floor now get out of control. I wanna stay up all night and do it all with you!" We chorused.

"Good evening, London!" Louis shouted into the microphone and the audience went crazy while we went back to singing.

Thirteen songs later, we came across one that reminded me of my current situation, "Said I'd never leave her cuz her hands fit like my t shirt. Tongue tied over three words, cursed. Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt. Bodies intertwined with her lips."

"Now I'm feeling so low since she went solo. Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo. And it's no joke to me, so can we do it all over again?" Niall's was like and angel's from heaven as he sang his solo.

"If you're pretending from the start, like this, with tight grip, then my kiss can mend your broken heart. I might miss everything you said to me. And I can lend you broken parts that might fit like this. And I will give all my heart, so we can start it all over again." The rest of us joined in for the chorus.

Soon enough the concert was over and the boys and I were back on the tour bus, going back to our homes.

"What a great concert, lads!" Paul exclaimed while hugging all of us.

"Thanks Paul." Niall said, sleepily. I don't blame him, it was really late; almost midnight to be exact.

"I want you guys to get a goodnight's rest when you get home because the same routine is happening tomorrow and then you will get a break on Wednesday." Paul explained.

We got to the first stop, which was Harry's flat. "Bye Harry!" Everyone spoke one at a time, giving him hugs on his way out.

"Bye everyone." I shouted back and walked inside large double doors. Once we knew he was out of sight, we had mindless chatter about him and his behavior.

"I'm surprised he didn't bring a girl home with him." Louis snickered with Zayn. Niall had fallen asleep on the unoccupied couch, now used by his whole nineteen year old self. El, Perrie and Jennifer were whispering to each other, keeping their conversation on the down low. My eyelids were feeling heavy and they shut within a couple of minutes.

"LiLi, wake up!" Jennifer shook me and my eyes shot open, "We're almost home. Everyone was dropped off already."

"Okay." I mumbled, my throat dry from sleeping.

For the rest of the ride, she just stared out the window and I sat next to her. I looked over because I heard a pitter-patter sound; it had begun to rain. No thunder or lightning, just the blissful sound of rain. It made me smile and think back to those late nights with Danielle, drinking hot cocoa and snuggling close together. I was slowly leered out of my day dream as Jennifer got up from her spot on the couch to exit out of the tour bus.

"Let's go, you need some real sleep in a real bed." She called over her shoulder and made me get up from my spot. I walked into my building alone and headed towards the elevator, where Jennifer had held it open for me.

"Thanks." I quietly spoke and she nodded in response.

I didn't care that I was still wearing my outfit that I arrived in, but as soon as Jennifer and I entered my flat, I went straight to sleep on the bed.

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