One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


10. t e n

~ Jennifer's POV ~


My mind dwelled on the nightmare that occurred many nights ago. Usually, a dream like that could mean big trouble for me, but I knew Liam wasn't the kind of guy to hurt someone on purpose. Contrary to what I think, my heart wasn't sure about anything anymore. For all I knew, he was pretending for publicity, or worse.

My thoughts were spinning off in a bad direction and I didn't realize I was crying until I reopened my eyes and my vision was blurred. As I wiped my eyes on a tissue, irritating my face and smudging my mascara, I decided it was a good idea to get ready for the day, Perrie invited Eleanor and I out on a girls' day since the boys had left for America the night before.

I took a long, hot shower to rid myself of the burden carried on my shoulders. Something about showering carved an opening in my mind and let my thought vent out through the steam. I dried off quickly and got dressed. Perrie didn't specify what we were doing so I wore plain denim skinny jeans and a flowing tank top with black sandals. I placed my hair in a ponytail, letting my bangs roam free in the wind.

The girls pick me up around noon in a shiny silver car around the back of the place where Liam and I stayed. All three of us were famous, not as famous as the boys of One Direction, but we were famous and had our own fans so we had to be as careful when going in public. Perrie was a part of her own band of four girls called Little Mix. Eleanor, I believe, is a model of some kind, though I've never seen her fave before. And I am, of course, an upcoming actress in a trilogy of movies.

Perrie drove us all the way into downtown London, with shining lights, malls, and people at every corner. El and we squealed when she got front row parking spot in front of their favourite store, though it hadn't phase me. I was a simple girl, I didn't do much shopping or create a new wardrobe, I mostly filmed for my movie, talked with my parents, and ate.

To much of their demise, I didn't help them shop; I didn't really find anything cute that I liked. There was one dress that was really colorful, but it didn't match anything I already had and insist feel like but more than I had to. The shopping went by quickly, thank the heavens for that, and the other girls started to get hungry. After many autographs and photographs later, we finally got to eat.

"What's wrong? You barely spoke to us today." El stabbed her fork into a dainty green salad. Perrie nodded her head in agreement. I didn't really tell them about my dream, For obvious reasons, so I just shrugged and continued eating my burger.

"And you still won't talk. I'd really like to talk with my best friend before I go on tour with my other friends on Wednesday!" Perrie complained. I didn't really blame her, I was being irrational, but the feeling in my stomach told me that I shouldn't speak.

I sighed, not holding in my breath anymore, "I'm all alone. The flat ha seen quite the past few nights and I just forgot how to speak I guess."

The other two laughed and I joined with them, not wanting to make them uncomfortable again, "Well, I'm glad you finally figured it out."

We finished our food and stayed seated for a while longer as we talked about our work. Perrie spoke about her tour in America and how she might be able to see the boys, "The other girls' names are Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne."

Eleanor spoke about how she took a break form modeling to finish college, "I just feel that school is more important right now and besides, Louis paid off my student loans."

And I spoke about how I was about the film the second movie in the trilogy, "The Games of Hunger Trilogy. The Games of Hunger was the first one and the second one, that has yet to be released, is called Fire Catcher."

When it was after five, we all decided to return to our houses. I was dropped off first, due to my flat being the closest to the mall. I liked being the first one away, I didn't really feel like talking to Perrie about my dream just yet. I had to wait until she returned to tour and El was back from taking a break for the holidays in college. I had to wait for Perrie to be as far away from El as possible.

When I unlocked the door to the flat, the place was still looking like it had been on mine and Liam's date night disaster. There was broken furniture and smashed decorations scattered on the floor. The glass, for the most part, had been swept up so no one would fall or step on the shards I possible injury. The coffee table had been hammered down to splinters and I was still in the process of vacuuming the smaller parts up before I touched the rest of it.

I sighed because I had tried to clean it up before Liam left for America, but it couldn't be done over night. So I set my purse over on the kitchen counter, a few feet away from the coffee table, and finished cleaning what I could. I would have to replace the coffee table, along with a couple of picture frames and coasters that were placed on it. After the coffee table was taken care of, it was around seven. It took me one and a half hour to do that by myself.

I didn't do anything else that night that had to do with cleaning the living room. I stripped myself from my days' outfit and covered up in flannel pyjamas before slipping under the covers of an empty bed.

It was dark, my eyes were open but I was blind, surrounded by the essense of heat. I felt warmth soothe my body, carressing my face as I tilt my head back. A sharp sting hit across my throat, I felt around my neck until my hands had the quality of being moist. The sight was returned to my eyes and I saw my hands covered in blood.

My eyes searched the room, but no one was in around me at all. I was alone, completely and utterly alone. The warmth disappeared from the area where I stood, leaving me cold. Wind blew out the light from my eyes again, freezing my body in the process. I couldn't move from my spot, but I could hear something in the distance.

The thing touched my face slightly, making me flinch. She laughed at me, knowing very well how scared I was. She didn't speak but I could still feel her presence near me, she was watching me with flaming eyes, giving my daggers. Her mood was worse than the way she cut my neck open.

I couldn't breathe any longer, my knees going weak and dropping me to the ground. I lay there, silently crying and letting my blood spill into a crimson poolaround my head. I had to wake up from this nightmare controlling my mind, but nothing was opening my eyes.

"It's a metaphor, hun." The voice spoke up, "Open your eyes about your boyfriend. The pain would go away." Her words stuck in my mind, but the voice wasn't familiar.

I didn't have much time to think about whose voice it was that spoke to me before I awoke from my sleep. The pillow was damp, letting me know that I had been sweating. The light turned on when I flicked the light switch up for the kitchen and got myself some water. No matter what, I couldn't go back to sleep, my mind wouldn't let me.

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